November 29, 2022

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Sony PlayStation 5 consoles are now shipped with a smaller 6nm AMD processor called 'Oberon Plus'

Sony PlayStation 5 consoles are now shipped with a smaller 6nm AMD processor called ‘Oberon Plus’

PlayStation 5 gets 6nm SoC

according to AngistronomyThe third model of the PS5 console codenamed “CFI-1202” comes with a smaller SoC called “Oberon Plus”.

The latest Sony console version features an updated SoC that is manufactured using TSMC 6nm process technology. This smaller node is compatible with the 7nm node that has been used so far with the Sony PS5 “Oberon” SoC.

The 6nm port from Oberon has the same design and does not make any changes to the processor configuration. However, the Zen2 core architecture and RDNA2 graphics architecture remain unchanged.

Oberon Plus SoC (left) vs. Oberon (right), Source: Angstronomics

The discovery of the new SoC comes weeks after the first reports of the new console variant being spotted in Australia. As it turned out, the new version has not only upgraded internal elements, such as a new motherboard, a smaller and lighter radiator, but also updated silicone that powers the console. A full breakdown of the third variant of the PS5 console was published by Austin Evans earlier this month.

[Austin Evans] New PS5 Best 😬 (949,339 views)

The design and specifications of Oberon Plus are identical to the 7nm variant, however the chip is smaller, around 260mm² compared to the original 300mm² chip. These changes mean that the console requires less power and a less demanding cooling solution.

For AMD and Sony, this also means that more chips can be made with a single chip, so the estimated production cost of the updated console can be up to 12% lower. Microsoft Xbox Series, which is also based on the 7nm AMD SoC, will be updated with 6nm designs in the future as well.

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source: Angistronomy