Sony’s DualSense controller now works with Apple devices for PS5 remote play

You can use the DualSense controller to play PS5 Games on Apple devices after you upgrade to the latest version PS Remote Play application For iOS. Sony has developed the capability for iPhones running iOS14.5 and iPods 14.5, offering the option to use DualSense to replace the old DualShock controller if you prefer. Even if you choose to use the new controller, you will not get the full experience in the remote game.

According to On the edge And many PS5 players Reddit, running on iOS device, you can enjoy games with adaptive triggers. However, the presence of hoptics can be very inconsistent. It seems to support basic noisy haptic feedback, but not advanced hoptics for topics like this Control. Can be seen as tactile feedback Raise The game experience, the lack of which makes some games less enjoyable than it is with the feature. In addition, On the edge DualSense’s built-in microphone says that the headphone jack and speakers do not work on remote play.

Without proper haptic feedback and mic / speaker support, switching from DualShock to DualSense will not make much difference. However, you now have the option to use the new controller with your iPhones and iPods, and may upgrade the Sony app to ensure that Duelsense features are properly supported in the future.

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