Sources say Ontario is considering attending schools for two weeks after the spring break.

TORONTO – Ontario students can continue virtual learning for at least two weeks beyond the April break, as CTV News Toronto and CB24 learned, as the province experiences a dramatic rise in COVID-19, leading to concerns about disease monitoring in schools.

Prime Minister Doug Ford is scheduled to discuss the situation and school closures at a cabinet meeting on Monday, and is scheduled to hold a press conference with Education Minister Stephen Lex and Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams at 2:30 p.m. Broadcast the announcement live.

Sources told CTV News Toronto that the decision was made over the weekend as the province released new records on daily case numbers and combinations for intensive care.

Additional circles within the government have expressed concern about the impact of provincial transfer rates on schools if students return after a week-long holiday.

Although the government’s priority is to keep the education system safe, he is increasingly concerned about the sharp rise in cases.

“We have a plan in place to keep schools safe, which is our number one concern. Rising case numbers in Ontario are of great concern to all of us, and we are working with the Chief Medical Officer to ensure that our families can be safe through the third wave.”

However, despite Less’s letter on Sunday, it was possible to close schooling, stressing that schools would remain open while staying at the provincial-level home queue.

“During provincial emergency breaks and provincial dormitories, all publicly funded and private elementary and middle schools will be open for live learning with strict health and safety measures, except in areas with local public health. The units have instructed schools in their areas to direct distance learning,” Les said in the letter. Said.

NTP leader Andrea Harvath said the government was “wrong” to say schools were safe, calling for extra investment when students return to the classroom, including extra caps on classroom size and widespread testing in schools.

‘It doesn’t have to be that way, we don’t have to be in the situation we are in now with regard to COVID-19. Speaking to reporters at Queens Park, Harvard said, “We will not face the opportunity to close schools.

Liberal Health Critic John Fraser said Ottawa’s medical officer, Dr. Vera Etches, was seriously considering closing schools after the April break.

“She is very concerned about the spread of community in Ottawa,” Fraser said. “It’s that social expansion that triggers challenges within schools.”

Green Party leader Mike Schreiner said local health officials trusted the government – not investing in reducing community outreach or preventing the virus from creeping into schools.

“The government has failed to invest in keeping our schools safe,” Schreiner said.

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