SpaceX’s Starling website now also has a French version

  • SpaceX has translated the Starling website into French as more and more people around the world sign up for the service.
  • Starling still does not live in France, but more than 300 million people worldwide speak French.
  • The website allows customers to pay in euros instead of dollars.
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SpaceX’s Starling website now also has a French version, as more and more people around the world are ordering its satellite internet service.

The website also offers customers the option to pay in euros rather than dollars.

Starling is not yet available in France, but it has been given More than 300 million people French is spoken all over the world, that’s all The second most widely spoken native language, It’s not surprising that SpaceX turned this into an option on its website to attract more customers.

Screenshot of the Starling website in French

Screenshot of the Starling website in French


If someone in France wants to sign up for Starling, they will put their address in the box and the next page will tell them when to expect their service to be available. Currently, it says Starling will be coming to France from mid-late 2021, but subscribers can Make a deposit of 99 To secure the service – about $ 120.

Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and parts of the United States where Starling is not yet living also offer the option of booking Internet service in exchange for a deposit.

Musk Retweeted in February Starling’s price should be the same in all countries. The only difference should be tax and shipping. “

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SpaceX said it received it on Tuesday More than 500,000 orders and deposits This indicates that the demand for space-based Internet is increasing from customers around the world.

This service has accumulated since the launch of Starling’s “Better Than Nothing Beta” test in October More than 10,000 beta testers Worldwide and more than 1,350 satellites exploded in orbit. The company aims to have 42,000 satellites in orbit by mid-2027.

The most recent Starling launch on Tuesday was SpaceX launching 60 satellites into orbit via its reusable Falcon 9 rocket.

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