Sports in the world of women’s curling postponed after COVID-19 lawsuits found between broadcast crews

The Women’s World Curling Championship was suspended on Sunday morning following the discovery of several positive COVID-19 cases among the broadcast crew in Calgary.

In a press release, after a series of scheduled tests by the World Curling Federation, positive cases were found among the competition broadcast staff. No athletes or match officials are considered at risk at this time.

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However, the morning draw was postponed “with great caution”. Officials say the games, which have been postponed since this morning, will be played at an undecided time next week.

“Once updated guidance on the situation is received from Alberta Health and all athletics and competition official test results are withdrawn and confirmed negative, the competition will resume at ET at 4pm.

Test results for all athletes and tournament staff have come in negative, so the WCF announced later Sunday that the afternoon and evening draws will go ahead.

Kerry Inerson of Canada is set to face Tabitha Peterson of the United States in the afternoon action.

After airing Saturday night, CBC Sports was instructed to immediately isolate a source of the broadcast bubble in their rooms. They are constantly isolated.

Broadcasting from the World Championships will be suspended throughout Sunday, meaning no games will be televised or streamed. Games will not air Monday or Tuesday mornings.

‘High level anxiety’

The source said there was a “high level of concern” inside the bubble. The event has a broadcast crew at a different hotel from the players competing.

“Broadcasting will be suspended until the affected staff are in solitary confinement during the extended test and contact tracking, medically allowed to return by competing medical officers and Alberta Health,” WCF wrote in their release.

This comes after the news that two teams of German members were not available for the match after testing positive for COVID-19. Germany is playing with three players at the World Championships.

Procedures that led to Wednesday’s event were postponed as health officials investigated positive cases.

World Curling Federation and Curling Canada officials say they have strong health and safety regulations under the guidance of federal, provincial and local health authorities and adhere to the protocol.

“The health and safety of our athletes, officers, staff and the community has always been our primary concern, and will continue to be the case when we face this latest challenge,” the WCF release said.

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