Staff and students ‘stressed and uncertain’ as Laurentian University strikes set today


Radio-Canada is aware that more than 60 shows will be cut as part of this process.

Trade unions for teachers and staff are expected to ask members to vote on their respective provisional agreements on Tuesday.

Details of job losses, as well as program cuts and restructuring and contract negotiations, are strictly confidential under the court’s arbitration restructuring process.

Gillian Phillips, former president of the University of Ontario Teachers ‘Associations (OCUFA), said the university administration had made a “sad choice” by going through the process of the Institutional Lenders’ Lending Act (CCAA) after the February 1 bankruptcy was announced.

“The government has long failed to provide sustainable public funding to post-secondary institutions, especially in the North, which faces some additional challenges,” he said. “But it failed in the short term.”

Phillips said the CCAA process should never be used by a public sector entity, so it is difficult to say whether it will emerge.

But the top secret, he said, prevents the public from weighing what happens to a company that is grounded in the community.

Asking faculty and staff to vote on one-day temporary contracts knowing if they will get jobs under the restructuring plan creates an environment of high fees, he said. Add the April 30 deadline as quoted In a letter written on the Robert Hatch University website by Laurentian President, Phillips said it was unfair that holding labor agreements could allow restructuring to continue

“People are being asked to vote for something without knowing what the consequences would be if they voted against it. For me, when there is so much queue, it’s like voting.”

Laurentian University officials say the target date for completing key elements of its financial restructuring plan is April 30. More information is available at (Radio Canada)

Tom Fenske, president of the Laurentian University Employees Union, said his members had been in a state of fear since the talks began.

“I know many members are worried. Their mental health has already deteriorated due to COVID-19, and our latest announcement to stay at home [that began Thursday] Joining without knowing what is coming really affects our members severely. “

Fenske said the inability to communicate with the 268 members of his association, which represents non-teaching positions, including laboratory technicians, managers and workers in the physical plant, is a challenge.

“You see people, you try to go for a walk in your neighborhood, you see them, you don’t know what to say to them because you have been told that if you do you will get into significant trouble,” he said.

The confidentiality order comes from the Chief Justice of Ontario, Fenske said, with warnings about fines or imprisonment for violating that order.

There is the problem of dealing with “aggressive conversations” on a daily basis as part of the CCAA process, he said.

“Bankruptcy lawyers, who do not respect us as people. They see us as dollars and cents. You know, I’m not Tom Fenske. I’m an FTE – full – time employee.

“That’s what we’ve been reduced to.”

Gatlin Cotilla, a political science and communications student at Laurentian, says there is a sad feeling in the final week of classes. (Given / by Caitlin Cotilla)

Caitlin Cotilla, a student of political science and communication at Laurentian, said her final weekend classes were different than normal.

“Students, and professors and everyone involved are stressed and uncertain,” Cottila said. “Therefore, it is very difficult to go with confidence in the exam season, to really focus on our studies and to be able to go through these final weeks, because we can not focus on what is going on in our head with uncertainty.”

Cotilla said he would give his professors “all the credit of the world” for their excellent efforts.

When professors are left in the dark and staff are left in the dark through this process, they can’t help it. They try their best, but there is not much help to give when they do not know the answers.– Caitlin Cotilla, Laurentian student

“When professors are left in the dark and staff are left in the dark through this process, they can’t help it,” he said.

“They try as hard as they can, but there’s not much help to give when they don’t know the answers.”

Laurentian pResident Robert Hash promised the students They can complete the degrees through the courses offered next year.

A solo March 8 letter On the university website, Hutchey outlines the next steps, stating that key elements of the restructuring, such as labor contracts, must be in place by April 30.

“This will allow us to further develop a meaningful financial forecast and engage in discussions aimed at obtaining additional funding for post-restructuring Laurentian.”

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