December 9, 2022

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Steve Jobs' daughter was right.  I shouldn't have bought the iPhone 14.

Steve Jobs’ daughter was right. I shouldn’t have bought the iPhone 14.

  • I bought the new iPhone 14 Pro Max the day after it went on sale in Apple Stores.
  • I got back $640 by trading in an iPhone 13 Pro Max, but still had to pay another $780.
  • I was excited about the “Dynamic Island” feature, but I should have listened to Eve Jobs.

Over the past decade or so, I’ve been one of Apple’s best customers. I’ve bought every new iPhone since I switched from BlackBerry to iPhone 4S.

This year has been no exception. I bought the iPhone 14 Pro Max, 256GB, in silver, the day after it was released on September 17th. I got back $640 by trading in an iPhone 13 Pro Max, but still had to pay $780.

After two weeks of playing my new game, I can say with confidence that there are no big surprises to be found, except for the “Dynamic Island”. That’s Apple’s cool name for the dead space between the selfie camera and the Face ID sensor that’s now used to “combine notifications, alerts, and activities into one interactive place.”

my colleague Antonio Villas Bo I can tell you all about the technical aspects of Apple’s latest products, so I’ll focus on what it was like to use it.

Steve Jobs’ daughter was right

In the end, Eve Jobs, daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, was right when she posted a meme on Instagram that joked iPhone 14 It looks eerily similar to the previous model.

It reads: “I’m upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today,” while a man appears holding a shirt matching the one he’s wearing.

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Eve Jobs posted on Instagram making fun of the iPhone 14

Eve Jobs posted on Instagram making fun of the iPhone 14.


While the latest series of smartphones have many new software features, I am disappointed that there are not more of them.

I admit I was pretty excited about using the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in full screen mode – especially now that the notch is gone.

I’ll also admit that the Dynamic Island feature is really cool. I like that you can simply press it when listening to music and it takes you back to the app. It could have been used more effectively, however.

Having had the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I can’t really see a difference that would make it worth the upgrade, aside from Dynamic Island. Maybe the smartphone simply got the same quality that it will get basically?

Apple's Dynamic Island score on iPhone 14 Pro.

Dynamic Island can expand on the iPhone 14 Pro to offer useful functions.



I always find excuses to justify spraying hundreds on a new smartphone: using my iPhone for work, documenting trip reporting, making sure the battery lasts all day, and can support all the things I have to do on the phone. Let’s call this exactly what it is: bullshit.

Even the now old iPhone 8 (from way back, erm, 2017) can do the job. However, there is an appeal to get the latest mobile phone, which is nothing more than a way to brag in front of your friends.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked last month by LiQuan Hunt of Vox Media if Apple would adopt RCS, a messaging app developed by Google for Android smartphones, so that his mother could watch videos he sends her. Cook told him to buy his mother an iPhone, I mentioned the edge.

It’s not just the iPhone that Cook thinks everyone should have when there are AirPods, iPads, MacBooks, and Apple Watch to buy, too. And yes, I own all of those devices too, of course.

Although I always said I didn’t think I could switch from iPhone to Android, a lot of people did and somehow survived. Maybe it’s time to take an iOS vacation, too?