Student Art Exhibition Returning Online

Canada Sports Gallery Hallway 2021st Class Artwork and Art by Former IP Art Teacher Elizabeth Donnelly-Nelson (Credit: SJC)

St. John’s High School’s annual international art exhibition is taking an online form back to its 15thTh Showcase at St. John’s Art Center.

“They have made some beautiful pieces and the show went on without any interruption – they are so beautiful,” IP art instructor Amber Young said of the students ’work, adding that this year’s exhibition features some very strong drawing and pen and ink artwork.

After some discussion, Young and the students decided on the topic of the show Unpacked. “It’s about taking off the mask and sharing yourself with the world, which we can’t do yet, but hopefully is on the horizon, sharing their creativity with people,” he said.

Specialists for the 2021 class include Emily Gordon, Catherine Gray, Anja Hanberg, Sidney Johnson, Erin O’Rourke, Marta Socrates, Tasha-Mary Spide, Adrian Smith and Alisha Young.

‘Tea Time’ by Anja Hanberg (Credit: SJIC)

Artists featured in the annual Grade 11 Still Life Display are Malacca Burton, Lillian Canol-Britt, Hope. E Torrent, Brenna Jr., M Gillis, Raina Grimmer, Chloe Hicks, Yungui (Anna Kim, Grave Lomax, Nathan Morais, Lillian Morehouse, Brooke Moss, Ann Palm, Lila Weir, Emily Warden and Delia Whittaker.

Students’ works of art are physically displayed in the Canada Sports and Library galleries, and they are on sale online (instead of live time) where you can view and purchase each one.

Young students say they did not expect there to be one-person exhibitions and sales in 2021, along with accepting that they work remotely and work in two different groups of alternative.

“In many ways, they were more independent, and groups should be more self-motivated than they usually are,” he said. “They produced amazing works. They really worked their pieces very diligently and were very involved with me throughout the whole process.”

This sale is a special experience for students, as in the previous person sale they will see live auctions of people paying for their artwork.

“That night was so special and the smiles on the kids’ faces don’t go away after so many hours – they’re so excited about it and wonder if people will actually spend the money you know for their pieces, ”Young said. “It’s a real eye opener for the possibilities of the future. They can actually, perhaps, one day earn money to sell their work, so it’s a magical evening for them.”

(Credit: SJIC) ‘Two Fruits: Apple and Orange’ by Erin O’Rourke

The art center takes 20 percent of the commission from sales, and the remaining 80 percent goes to artists. Young said the online exhibition would be a useful addition to future exhibitions.

“It may or may not want to attend in person because they are out of the province, but they may be a student’s relative, and then buy them where they have the option to go online,” he said.

The sale of artwork on the St. John Arts Center website will soon be on display until April 30th.

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