Sweden removes Canada from World Women’s Curling Championship

Calgary – Canada’s Kerry Inerson lost 8-3 to Sweden’s Anna Hasselborg at the World Women’s Curling Championships on Saturday.

Canada did not allow Sweden to commit more crimes, and continued to force the Inorson party to settle in the singles division.

Olympic champion Hasselborg was in first form. He drew a deuce to a four-point lead in seventh place and took an amazing run-back double in the eighth.

When Inerson dropped a theft, Canada conceded the game.

“Going into the game was a good feeling for me,” Inerson said. “We came in just before eight balls and we needed something to bail out.

“We’re not as sharp as we used to be.”

This is the first time Canada has been knocked out of the men’s and women’s World Championships in the same season.

In both cases Canada did not reach the semifinals. The Alberta-based team of Brendan Potter was eliminated in a qualifying match at the World Men’s Playdowns last month.

All four members of the Hasselborg team threw at least 91 percent. Sweden advanced to play Russia’s Alina Kovaleva in the semifinals in the evening.

“The girls played very well today and they determined the weight exactly,” Hasselborg said. “We interacted well, so it was a solid game. We had a lot of fun, so it was so amazing.”

In the other qualifying match, American Tabitha Peterson drew the button with a score of 8-7 against Denmark’s Madeleine Dupont.

The United States will face Switzerland’s top seed Silvana Trinsoni in the semi-finals this afternoon. The medal game is scheduled for Sunday at the Markin Macbeth Center in Winsport.

Hasselborg gave Deuce a win at the end of the third and put the pressure on while Canada had the hammer. Inerson simply could not connect together the way she wanted and had difficulty grasping control.

“We fought a little early, and then they ran and did everything,” said Canada Third Wall Sweating.

The Manitoba-based team, which includes Shannon Birchard and Brian Miller, struggled heavily in the first half of the round robin game. They dropped five of the first six games and took the sixth and final playoff spot 7-6 before going back on track.

Sweden took third seed with a 10-3 round robin record.

The first six teams of 14 teams won Olympic berths for their respective countries at the 2022 Beijing Games. South Korea, Scotland, Germany and Japan were some of the notable teams that were not reduced, with the last chance to try again in the Olympic qualifiers in December.

After seven members of the event’s broadcast team tested positive for COVID – 19, television and streaming coverage closed for five days of round robin drama. Security resumed after Alberta Health approved a modified broadcast plan proposal.

Trinhoni won the 2019 Women’s World Championships in Silkborg, Denmark. The 2020 match was canceled at 11 a.m. due to an epidemic.

Appearing on Canada’s last stage at the event was Jonnifer Jones in the finals of the 2018 Ont., North Gulf, beating Hasselborg in the final.

Ainerson won the Canadian women’s team title for the second time last February in the first of seven competitions at the Curling Bubble at the Olympic Park in Canada.

The skip won the Canadian mixed doubles title with Brad Kushou and led his four-team team to the Grand Slam title last month.

Ainerson and Kushu will represent Canada at the May 17-23 World Mixed Doubles Championships in Aberdeen, Scotland.

This report of the Canadian edition was first published on May 8, 2021.

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