Take a look at the 2021 CFL Draft by group

TORONTO – Now that the 2021 CFL is in the draft books, fans are eager to see how their teams performed in the six rounds.

Tuesday’s draft proved to be a fantastic night, as Canada’s top talent found their respective homes with nine Canadian Football League owners.

Boston College Tight End Jack Burt Hamilton went with the Tiger-Gates first overall pick, but it was just the beginning of the festivities. Here’s a breakdown of each team’s choices.

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» Boston College D.E. as a whole in the 2021 CFL Draft.
Stay close to the Riders home; Overall D.P. Select Nelson Locombo 2nd
2021 CFL Draft Tracker

BC Lions

1st Round: Daniel Joseph, DL, NC State (4th)
2nd Round: Alaric Jackson, OL, Iowa (15th)
3rd Round: Ben Hladick, LP, UPC (22nd)
Round 5: Alfred Green, DL, Wilfried Laurier (40th)
6th Round: Tyler Packer, OL, Coal (51st)

Calgary stompers

1st Round: Amen Oakbongpemica, LP, Oklahoma State (8th)
2nd round: Price Bell, OL, Wilfried Laurier (11th)
3rd Round: Charlie Moore, LP, Calgary (26th)
4th Round: Elliott Graham, LP, UPC (29th)
Round 5: Suba Hubbard, RP, Oklahoma State (43rd)
5th Round: Luther Hagunawanhu, WR, York (44th)

Edmonton football team

1st Round: Cole Nelson, DL, Alberta (5th)
2nd round: Grand McDonald, LP, Calgary (14th)
3rd Round: Diant Clover, RP, Shepherd (23rd)
4th Round: Dominic Johnson, R.E.C., Buffalo (32nd)
5th Round: Peter Cortis, OL, St. Mary’s (41st)
6th Round: Kenan Clark, DP, Cornell (50th)

Saskatchewan Rugriders

1st Round: Nelson Locombo, DP, Saskatchewan (2nd)
2nd round: Terrell Jana, REC, Virginia (17th)
3rd round: Bruno Label, DE, Cincinnati (20th)
4th Round: Alain Simanginda, DL, Guelph (35th)
5th Round: Logan Pandey, OL, Calgary (38th)
6th Round: Matt Watson, D.P., Mount Allison (53rd)

Winnipeg blue bombs

1st Round: Liam Dobson, OL, Texas State (3rd)
2nd round: Redha Kramdi, DP, Montreal (16th)
3rd Round: Patrice Rene, DP, North Carolina (21st)
4th Round: Robbie Lowes, LP, Regina (34th)
5th Round: Kyle Porsche, RP, Regina (39th)
6th Round: Shay Weeks, DP, Manitoba (48th)

Hamilton Tiger-Gates

1st Round: Jack Burt, DE, Boston College (1st)
1st Round: Nick Cross, LP, UPC (9th)
2nd round: Dean Leonard, DP, Ole Miss (18th)
3rd Round: Mohamed Diallo, DL, Central Michigan (19th)
4th Round: Jarek Richards, LP, St. Mary’s (36th)
5th Round: Felix Current-Coutier, R.E.C., Laval (37th)
6th Round: Miles Manalo, LP, Western (54th)


Round 2: Pierre-Oliver Lostage, OL, Montreal (10th)
3rd Round: Chris Fournier, OL, Lehi (27th)
4th round: Patrick Davis, OL, Syracuse (28th)
5th round: David Cote, K, Laval (45th)
6th Round: Ethan McConzo, LP, Montreal (46th)

Ottawa Red Blocks

1st Round: Deshan Stevens, LP, Maine (6th)
Round 2: Alonso Ade, DP, West Virginia (13th)
3rd round: Connor Berkloff, OL, Saskatchewan (24th)
4th Round: Jake Julian, K / P, East Michigan (31st)
5th Round: Keegan Margraf, LS, Utah (42nd)
6th Round: Matthew Terks, OL, Delaware State (49th)

Toronto Argonauts

1st Round: Peter Nicastro, OL, Calgary (7th)
Round 2: Sage Doxstator, OL, New Mexico State (12th)
3rd Round: Luiz Villan, DL, Michigan (25th)
4th Round: Tommy Nealt, R.E.C., McMaster (30th)
4th Round: Trevor Hoyt, LP, Carlton (33rd)
6th Round: Joshua Hogerti, DP, Saskatchewan (47th)
6th Round: Benjamin St.-Juste, D.P., Minnesota (52nd)

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