June 3, 2023

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“Tare”, “Putin’s bootlicker”: when Boris Johnson attacked Emmanuel Macron

Tensions between ex-Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are actually more serious than we thought. A former adviser to the former British prime minister says she was repeatedly insulted by French President Boris Johnson.

Between Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson, it was never a big romance. While the eccentric British prime minister was still in office in Downing Street, tensions with Paris were common. The French president has also repeatedly condemned Boris Johnson’s “lack of seriousness”.

According to the revelations of Boris Johnson’s former communications director Kudo Hari, the latter had only soft words for Emmanuel Macron. In an episode of his podcast airing this Thursday, May 18, he recounts how his former boss repeatedly attacked the French president, sometimes going so far as to insult him.

“During our morning meeting, I think we were a small group, he launched a violent attack on Emmanuel Macron,” Guto Harry said. He would notably insult him as “a word that starts with C” (“asshole”, editor’s note), “crazy” and “Putin’s bootlicker”.

“We have to rage against the frogs” (frogs, a derogatory nickname given to the French by the British), he declared, threatening to beat Emmanuel Macron: “I want to punch. I want to enlighten him”, would have supported Boris Johnson, according to the words of his former collaborator.

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A spokesman for the former British prime minister said Kudo was unaware of Harry’s story and insisted that Boris Johnson was in no way involved in the podcast recording.

It is worth noting that he did not agree at all with the strategy of Emmanuel Macron, who in a few weeks went to Vladimir Putin, the occupier of Downing Street, an early supporter of Kiev, at the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Prior to the start of the conflict and encouraged dialogue with the Russian president. There were also diplomatic tussles over illegal immigration from France to the United Kingdom.

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However, Kudo Harry insisted the two had “reconciled” just weeks after the famous meeting with Boris Johnson during the G7 summit. “They even went out for a whiskey together,” said the former communications director.