March 29, 2023

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TBBT’s most hated main character was supposed to be a guest role

It’s no secret that for many TBBT fans, Bernadette has become one of the most hated characters on the show.

High-pitched and innocent, Howard’s romantic interest introduction soon reveals itself as short-tempered and too passive-aggressive to audiences’ chagrin.

Ironically, at first she was only meant to appear temporarily as a guest role but eventually was kept as a full-fledged character in the series.

Interestingly, the fans’ hatred of Bernadette has less to do with the actress and much more to do with the character’s development throughout the show.

In fact, many are supportive of actress Melissa Rauch and her role in the series, but feel that the writing of the show abandoned the character and herself.

Comparing the character from her introduction in the series to the way she was introduced at the end of the show, Bernadette went from being a likable and caring person to someone who often came across as brash, selfish, arrogant, and rude.

What’s more, though, fans agree that their relationship helped Howard mature from being a creepy womanizer to a devoted boyfriend and father. The worst aspects of Bernadette’s character after the pair’s marriage are exaggerated in the series.

Soon after, Howard’s mother character (as well as the talented Carol Ann Susi who played her) died on the show.

From that point on, Bernadette seemed to take on the role of an annoying and annoying presence in Howard’s life. It made the audience feel less favorably with a character who was once so likable.

In an interview on The Jennifer Hudson ShowRauch revealed that when the character of Bernadette was introduced in the series, she was only meant to appear as a guest.

However, after producers saw potential in the character, Rauch was asked to return for a few more episodes and eventually signed on as a main cast member for good.

Clearly grateful for her time on Big Bang, Rauch remembers that the week before she landed the role, she was at the unemployment office as a result of a lack of work.

Due to the massive success of the series, it was reported that the main cast would go on to earn $1 million per episode.

It’s unfortunate that Rauch was so difficult with the writing of the show, as fans were obviously very supportive of Bernadette when she was introduced.

If the show had only kept the original character’s mood, she probably wouldn’t have topped the list of TBBT’s most hated characters.

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