Tester and Little explain why Irish shopkeepers rage as supermarkets run out of Easter eggs

Many Irish shopkeepers missed cutting Easter eggs on Sunday due to the “national shortage” and frustrated customers took to social media to share stories of their struggles to find any chocolate treat following the increase in sales.

The late line to the supermarket for storing Easter eggs before Easter Sunday has become a tradition in Ireland, with many leaving late to pick up their delivery.

But disaster-stricken shoppers just hit the supermarket shelves one weekend, and experts say the Govt-19 lock-in sparked an urgency for Easter eggs not seen in previous years.

Little Ireland has seen a 99 per cent increase in sales over its entire egg range compared to last year, while Tesco Ireland has also reported a sharp rise in the number of people storing Easter eggs this year.

Many shopkeepers said they visited several local supermarkets without success over the weekend, and some shared some instances on Twitter about failed egg hunts.

Shopkeepers found that Easter eggs should come over the weekend

“I went to two stores today looking for linden bunnies and found that they had taken all the Easter chocolates ???

“Are you okay with Ireland? Is this a tradition I don’t know about? Don’t you have a good Friday or some chocolate Easter eggs?” A frustrated shopkeeper wrote Friday.

“I know I left it too late … but Tesco’s Easter eggs are not here today. Not one! I had to get some bits and pops at my local store. Apparently, they have been on sale since Thursday. I have no one please,” said another unhappy customer.

The shopkeeper in the third disaster added: “Of course I forgot to buy Easter eggs for a year. There is a national shortage of them until the absolute last minute.”

One said they were forced to sacrifice Easter eggs on their own trip because they failed to find the remaining boxes.

“Can anyone tell me why there are no Easter eggs in Dublin? I have never seen this in my life. I have to give my Easter eggs to my friends now because I was so badly prepared,” they wrote.

Some Twitter users began to stockpile people at the onset of the epidemic, compared to last year’s shortage of toilet paper.

“If you’ve been looking for the last Easter egg in Dublin, I think I bought it. After looking at the other four stores, I finally found one. Clearly Easter Eggs is the new Lou Roll # Lock Down,” said one of the managers.

However, some who have missed Easter eggs this year have responded by saying that it is natural to have no boxes in the days before Easter Sunday and that frustrated shoppers should be better prepared.

A Twitter user who responded to a shopkeeper who failed to get his hands on an Easter egg this year wrote: “Tbh may have had Easter eggs on the shelf last month. If you decide to leave it at the last minute you risk not getting anything to get your eggs. They are clearly not in stock because there are no alternatives”.

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I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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