Thai Airways to start selling airline food in super air markets

Amid low traffic, Thai Airways will begin selling its airline food at supermarkets across Thailand. Food will be available after April 15 and will feature some of the native language signature dishes served on the ship. The airline will partner with chains like the 7-Eleven to sell hard-to-find food and export some unique products in the future. We will find out more.

Thai Airways is finding new sources of revenue as it withdraws from bankruptcy and low demand. Photo: Getty Images

Air food

According to Coconut Bangkok, Thai Airways has become the most advanced airline in the process of selling its surplus airline food. The airline plans to start selling food from April 15, after Sangkran’s Thai holiday. Air food is available at supermarkets and shops across the country for anyone who remembers traveling.

Offers on offer include Halal Chicken Biryani and Naam Frik Long Rua (a shrimp chili paste with sweet bacon and crispy-fluffy fish), said Warangana Lurodevang, head of Thai Airways Catering. The decision to sell food comes as only a fraction of airline passengers see the need to deal with thousands of surplus food.

Thai Airways Food
Missing travelers in Thailand catering are in luck this month. Photo: Carl Barron via Flickr

To boost its efforts, Thai will sell hard food found exclusively in 7-Eleven stores across the country. In addition to airline food, the airline plans to sell tea seed oil salad dressing in major supermarkets and export it in the future!

New sources of revenue

Although Thai Airways did not sell its extra air food in the first place, the carrier has been trying to find new revenue streams in the midst of the epidemic. In September, the airline set up its first restaurant at Thai Airways headquarters in Bangkok. The restaurant is very tasty, complete with old air seats and sells a few popular dishes.

Thai Airways Restaurant
The restaurant provides revenue and keeps the aircraft’s catering staff employed through the crisis. Photo: Getty Images

However, the airline has gone far beyond selling food. Over the past year, it has sold everything from cutlery to premium alcohol to office space at its headquarters. Aviation enthusiasts can try the Thailand A380 Simulator for just 40 540, which is a rare opportunity. All of these sales are aimed at boosting revenue and making the cash-strapped airline fly through the crisis.

Recovery plan

Thailand was one of several countries that completely closed its borders to tourists at the onset of the epidemic. While the move saved it from a major explosion case (for most of the year), it also severely affected the country’s tourism-based economy. Thai Airways, the worst-hit country, lost $ 926 million in the first half of 2020 alone.

Since the carrier has failed in its financial obligations, it has no choice but to return to the government for assistance. After several months of negotiations, the carrier has submitted its rehabilitation plan to the government. The plan is for Thai to halve its workforce over the next four years and sell dozens of aircraft.

A Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 is set to land in Phuket
Thai Airways is trying to sell its old aircraft under a restructuring plan. Photo: Getty Images

However, there may be light at the end of the tunnel. As vaccines are being produced worldwide, Thailand plans to partially open its borders to vaccinated tourists later this year. The pilot project will see the opening of Phuket to vaccinated tourists in July, which will increase the number of Thai tourists.

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