The biggest iPad update may always be days away

Another rumor is pointing to the immediate arrival of the next iPod Pro this month, so it may be in a few days. This is very good news as there is a consensus that this is a new display technology and Apple’s fastest processor.

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However, D.S. As Elliott wrote, April is the most horrible month, and if you’ve been on the design team for the iPod mini, you may feel that it’s appropriate, because the same tipster says the iPod mini was not launched this month, after all. As for the record, Elliott’s The Waste Land talks about more profound things, but this is the best reference to the month of April in the opening line of any poem after Chaucer, so I wanted to quote it.

Anyway, where were we?

Yes, the tip comes from someone calling themselves Uncle Pan, Who said on Weibo that Apple was only dreaming of the products that Apple would unveil at its “April Conference” – such an event has not been confirmed – he hopes that the next iPad Pro will be unveiled as planned. “The fullscreen iPad mini is not working,” he said, adding that the airports will also be updated. More about the last bit from Gordon Kelly Here at Forbes.

Keep in mind that this is not to say that the iPad mini will not be available this month, but rather, if it is, it will have a design similar to the current model, with a larger display with a larger display than the rumored update. Face ID or Touch ID on the power button like the latest iPod Air.

Even so, the upgraded iPad mini has been rumored for some time, and Apple will not update its tiny tablet until it is ready to drop all new models.

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In any case, it looks like the iPod Pro will be the focus of this month’s launch. I also rule out the possibility of updating the entry-level iPad, as Apple’s last iPad, the eighth generation model, is only six months old.

So, it seems we can expect a faster burning processor, Called the A14X, probably, Which will be a modified version of the A14 found on the latest iPhones and iPod Air. Rumor has it Faster than the M1 chip On the latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, this is going to be quite amazing.

The scene is likely to be A dazzling look Larger, the LEDs on the 12.9 model were upgraded from LCD to Minilade, but stuck with the regular display on the 11 model.

As for when we should expect this, there is a lot of confusion about this. Rumors of the March 23 event were completely muted — despite readers of my weekly magazine AppleUnboxed The newsletter knows, I found that idea weeks ago.

So, if you’re pushing for a date, April 14 is Wednesday or Wednesday, April 14 when the iPod Pro (and Airbots and some accessories) will be unveiled. Latest, it may be next week, but I don’t think so.

Not for long.

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