The bizarre reason was that the supermarket shopper hit two free bags

A shopkeeper said he was offered two free pieces from Blue by the manager of a Woolworths supermarket, who took a particular preference for his look.

Corporate lawyer Leseti Mafahle boasted on Twitter about hitting two pepper steak bags for free, a store manager at a Woolworths store in Johannesburg, South Africa, who noticed how well he was dressed.

“Random shout out to the manager of Woolworths SA Greycall, who gave me two pepper steak bags last week for R0.00 because he tweeted‘ I was well dressed ’.

He shared a photo of the two bags and a receipt proving that no money had been charged to them.

The lawyer encourages his followers to dress nicely to go to the grocery store. Source: Twitter / Google Map

Woolworths is a separate company for Woolworths in South Africa Australia, which has decided not to publish it if there are any similar initiatives locally.

More than a hundred people responded to his tweet, some begging for more details about the dress that surprised the manager.

“I would have loved to see the drops fit instead of the bags,” one wrote.

“It didn’t help if you didn’t take a picture of how you were! You’m lucky,” said another.

Others said they regret all the free food they may have lost because of their grocery store decor choices.

“So does going to the shops in sweat exclude me from free food?” One wrote.

Despite extensive investigation, Mr Mfahelle kept his cards close to his chest, choosing not to reveal what he was wearing on the day he scored the freebies.

Two Pieces and Woolworths S.A. Photo of the hand holding the receipt.

Lesse Mfahle shared this photo as proof that she received two pepper steak bags for free. Source: Twitter / LesMph

Instead, he encouraged his audience to “make sure you’re happy” when visiting Woolworths.

Some doubted that Woolworths managers in South Africa were allowed to deliver goods for free.

Many came to Mr Mfahelle’s defense that it was the will of every manager to occasionally avoid the price of goods as part of Woolworths South Africa’s customer retention policy.

Mr Mphahlele responded to the weavers, “it is clear that most people are not aware of customer retention policies.”

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