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Houlian, Taiwan: Taiwan’s Transport Minister said on Sunday that he would not take responsibility for the deadly train crash as the resignation offer was rejected amid questions about safety vulnerabilities that could have contributed to the disaster.
In the worst train crash on the island in seven decades, an express train collided head-on with a lorry on Friday near the eastern city of Hualien, killing at least 51 people, causing it to derail and crash into the front.
Speaking at the scene of the accident, Lin Xia-Lung said he would not “avoid responsibility”.
“I am also responsible for minimizing the damage caused by the entire accident. I hope that once the full recovery work is completed, I will accept responsibility,” he said.
Prime Minister Xu Cheng-sang’s office said on Saturday that Lin had made a verbal offer to resign, but Xu had rejected it for now, saying that efforts should now focus on recovery and recovery.
The truck collided with the train and skidded on a sloping road outside the tunnel. Authorities are investigating construction site manager Lee Yi-hsiang, whose truck is suspected of not using its brakes properly.
Lee was released on bail, however the Hoole branch of the High Court overturned that decision after an appeal by prosecutors on Sunday, sending the case back to the lower court. Lee and his lawyer declined to answer questions from reporters.
Contact details for Lee or his lawyer were not immediately available to Reuters.
The Ministry of Transport and the railway administration under it are examining a number of questions, including why the site was not properly fenced and whether more tickets were sold.
Deputy Transport Minister Wang Guo-sai said late on Saturday that the railway administration needed to take all of these issues seriously, adding that it was his personal feeling on the part of the building contractor that “at first it seems like negligence”.
The railway administration has also been without a permanent director since its former chairman retired in January. Another deputy transport minister, Xi Wen-chung, fills the position with an action capability.
Wang said Lin has been working hard to find the right person to fill the job.
The uncle of the confirmed teenager, a five-year-old girl, told reporters in tears that he was waiting to apologize for the crash.
“I’m so angry,” he said.
The government has promised to provide compensation and do everything in its power to help the survivors and their relatives.
The damaged section of the track will not be reopened until April 20, Wang said, adding that train traffic continues on a parallel track running through another tunnel and was not affected by the crash.
Minister Lynn said rescue and rescue operations will continue.
“We are pulling out the rooms that are stuck inside. The third cabin was pulled out last night. We expect to evacuate the other two rooms today,” he added.
The accident happened on the long weekend of Traditional Cemetery Cleaning Day, when people were returning home to family cemeteries.
Survivors have described horrific scenes within the ruins.
Pastor Chung Si-ciang told Reuters the rest of the traveler Chung Hui-mei told him.
“She could not find her daughter. As she screamed, she found her daughter under the steel panels. He tried his best to move the pieces one by one, but his daughter’s voice became quieter and quieter, and then there was no response, ”he said.

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