The Canadians won the maple leaves as an important first step in the final playoff drive

MONTREAL – A 4-2 win over Northern Division lead Toronto Maple Leaves on Monday was a great way to lose all three games and an important step in the right direction for the Montreal Canadians.

But, as Jack Allen said after making 23 savings on the win, this is just the first step.

“It’s a good start and we need to build on that,” Allen said. “For me, I think this team has got a lot of big pieces. We need to find some momentum and build some momentum in the post – season. Priority here comes to the No. 1 post. After that let the rest take care of themselves. I think it has to be magical from the start of the season. I think, whether it’s a year like this or a normal year, I think, find a way to the playoffs and get on with it. ”

If not now, when?

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Because Canadians are frustrated this season. After the trading deadline and an hour before Monday’s game, G.M. Mark Berkewin described them as “a group that was sometimes very good and sometimes confusing”. They are similar to the world peters and doorsteps, some of whom have claimed the normal flow and flow of any season in recent days.

This crucial match against the first contender in the remaining 18 games before the start of the playoffs in the third week of May, it is important for Canadians to start showing that they are as good as they can be.

This is something they should do more often than not progressing from this point on – especially if they want to do some damage when it’s very important.

The win brought the Canadians 2-3-1 against the Leaves this season, and they have four more games against them before their first playoff encounter since 1979.

“We’ve been there every game we’ve played,” said Josh Anderson, who scored the winning goal. “Any time you’re playing cards, you wake up to these games, I think they’s always been great games to play. So tonight I hope everyone goes into the game tonight. After losing three, in particular, we wanted to come out and play with full energy. Tonight we have a good I thought we did the work and set the pace of the game. ”

It was something the Canadians struggled with a lot, but they opened the scoring early in the ninth season of Tomas Tatar, leaving the first goal against each of the three defeats before this victory.

Before he hit his 10th place in the empty net, a lot of good things happened that could have served as building blocks for Montreal – especially in the first period, when Nick Suzuki won almost every battle when he scored a power play goal to widen the gap and help the Canadians and make 11-3 shots by law.

After Anderson hit the ice and John Tavares tied the game at 2:25 with his 15th goal of the season, the Canadians brought in a string of losses as their heels turned a little and looked weak.

“We restored and won our wars, and tonight we were all there,” said Philip Donald. “This is a huge role-playing win for our team.”

Donald kept his fingerprints throughout, overshadowing the NHL’s most powerful scorer, who stepped out of the competition for a shift and used Toronto’s first goal of the season to become the 32nd league lead of the season.

But Donald Aston made a number overnight at Matthews.

“It wasn’t an easy job,” Allen said of his team-mate, who was instrumental in keeping Edmonton’s Connor McDowid and Leon Trosytle within zero goals in five Canadians-Oilers games. “To go up against those great players in the league every night is a job I don’t think many would like, but Bill welcomes it. I think this is what you have to do. You have to accept that role. He does. You are proud to limit their opportunities and close them. Bill didn’t get the chance to attack because he had to worry so much about playing defense against these top dogs, it’s not his fault he goes out there and does his job and puts it on the line every night, for me, it’s one of the hardest jobs in the NHL to do that And pride. “

Montreal’s Paul Byrne was also given a tough one – Brendan Gallagher has been replaced, he’s nursing a broken right thumb, and is not available to the team between now and the end of the regular season – he woke up on Monday with two assists.

This is a great game for Byron, Donald, Tatar, Anderson and Allen. Joel Edmundson scored more than 27 minutes, Jonathan Drooy scored a point for the first time in seven games, and Rookie Alexander Romanov led the team with a maximum of seven wins.

But everyone in a red sweater helped pull this together and how it should progress. The acquisitions of Eric Stall, John Merrill and Eric Gustafson are the last three of Berkeley’s nine additions since September.

“I think Berg has done a great job, apparently in the off-season, he has made some major moves over the last two days,” Anderson said. “We believe in our team. We believe in our team from day one. When you add some more areas to strengthen our team, you know we’re all set here.

“We hope to put the work on the ice and show it to ourselves and our fans.”

Berkevin said every person in Canada should do it to the best of their ability.

“At some point, we extend,” he said. “I know guys, we have some good leadership, I know they had a meeting about it, they care. They want to do well. So, they will find it and be very determined to win those hockey games and try to limit those valleys. I think. “

If this team can’t do it now, it can’t signify this victory.

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