The crew member was missing when a fishing boat capsized off the coast of Cape Breton

A team member of the FV Diehawk fishing vessel that failed an overnight search on the mock Breton Beach was reported missing from the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax at 6 p.m.

The At 5:46 pm on Saturday, JRCC received a call from Daihak to say it was sinking., Public Affairs Officer Lieutenant-CMDR Brian Owens. That call was reduced, Owens said.

The ship capsized, but four of the five crew were the first to find the diocese from one of the local fishing boats.

Team members were taken to hospital, but Owens made no comment on their condition.

“We have not seen any signs of a fifth member yet, but we are going to continue to search throughout the day, with some positive results,” Owens said Sunday morning.

A CH149 Cormorant helicopter and a CH130 Hercules aircraft were dispatched with two Coast Guard ships to search for the missing crew member – according to Owens, the boat, Chetticom, N.S.

Two helicopters then landed and a Coast Guard ship departed from the area due to bad weather. Owens said freezing rain and low clouds cause poor vision.

A search is underway in the waters off Cape Breton for one in five people from the FV Diehawk fishing vessel. A spokesman for the Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax said the ship was believed to be about 30 kilometers west of Chettikamp, ​​NS, on Saturday. (Google)

“This weather system coming through Nova Scotia is now hitting that area hard,” he said, adding that the situation will be reviewed for hours as the weather system passes by.

CCGS Cape Roger, a Coast Guard vessel, continues its search Sunday.

Rich Levy, the band’s councilor, said the Diehawk fishing vessel was the first of its kind in Elsiboktok, New Brunswick.

Levy said the boat and its crew left the water near the community early Saturday morning to catch ice crab fish from Chettikamb. The season opened early Saturday morning.

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