The federal government is urging Ontario provincial businesses to pay for sick leave

Ottawa rejects Ontario’s offer to increase federal paid sick leave program to $ 1,000 per week.

In a letter to federal finance minister Christiaan Freeland from CBC News on April 22, Ontario Finance Minister Peter Bethlenfalvi said the province was ready to immediately double the benefit of the Canadian Recovery Disease for every Ontario, instead of preparing to start a day-to-day sick payday in lieu of business payments instead. Offer.

“We hope this is a simple and fast way to take the plan, and that this program will be very useful for those who are sick. There is no unpaid sick leave for the employer.

The federal government has said its wage subsidy scheme is already in place to help employers pay workers on sick leave. The Canadian recovery disease benefit is designed to support workers who do not have a regular employer, or have a break until their province pays for sick days, Freeland spokeswoman Katherine Kaplinskas told CBC News.

“When Ontario is ready to make sick leave compulsory for provincial regulated businesses, we will be there to help, just as we did for federal regulated businesses,” Kaplinskas said.

Trudeau says he works with the province of Freeland

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters on Tuesday that Freeland was working closely with the province to develop its own support.

“Provinces need to look at ways to provide sick leave directly through employers that the federal government can’t do,” he said.

Watch | Trudeau responded to Ontario’s offer to double sick leave pay:

During Question Hour in Queens Park on Tuesday, Ontario’s Labor Minister Monte McNaughton called on the state federal government to double its sick leave program from $ 500 a week to $ 1,000 a week, with Ontario taking on additional costs. Later, during a press conference, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that provinces should pay attention to the granting of sick leave by employers, which Ottawa cannot do. 1:35

On the same day that Beldenfalvi wrote to Freeland, Prime Minister Doug Ford held an emotional press conference and assured workers that his government would be formed. Very strong paid sick leave plan This is currently $ 450 per week (after taxes) for a maximum of four weeks, more than what the federal government provides.

“I assure you, unlike many, I do not know if I can be isolated and continue to work. For many now it is not so,” Ford said from the yard of his late mother’s Etopic house. He was lonely after an employee member tested positive for COVID-19.

But later that day, Ford issued a statement saying its government would “not impose an additional burden on the backs of Ontario businesses affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.”

The announcement of provincial sick leave changed the Ford government’s position.

Ford has ignored calls for paid sick leave

For almost the entire epidemic, Ontario’s own scientific consultation table, the Prime Minister has repeatedly ignored requests from local public health departments, mayors, health professionals, labor groups and the opposition to develop a plan to make it easier for workers to stay at home experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

Nita Sincer, a professor of human resources management at Guelph University, said paid sick days were crucial in controlling the spread of COVID-19. But now the conversation shifts to pay – who is responsible for financing businesses, provinces or the federal government.

“Looks like he’s pointing a little finger right now,” Cincer said. “This political arena will not help advance this dialogue. It is necessary to accept responsibility.”

He said the issue would not be resolved quickly as businesses were shut down due to explosions and workers being sent home without knowing how to pay the rent.

In a letter to Freeland, Bethlenfalvi said he believes the federal payroll sick days program has not seen much progress in the province and needs more incentives.

“We hope that your latest budget will address this issue, and even if it does not, Ontario is now ready to work with your government,” he wrote to Freeland.

When Prime Minister Doug Ford took office in 2018, one of the first moves of his government was removed The Sick Days Plan, which pays liberals, With other labor reforms.

Since then, the Progressive Conservatives have stalled several attempts by the opposition to gain unanimous approval for paid sick leave movements.

On Monday, the provincial government voted on a liberal bill that would require employers to provide workers with 10 pay days for medical emergencies.

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