The Ferrari 812 Competitive A features a dargah top and is rated at 9,500 rpm

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Remember Limited edition Ferrari 812 variant That Ferrari Revealed two weeks ago? After that, it didn’t have a name. Ferrari solved that problem today. We now know that Mystery 812 to 812 will be named Competitive. Not only that, but it also surprised us by introducing the best version of a dargah named as the Ferrari 812 Competitive A.

Except for the missing roof, the Competizione A is basically the same car as the Competizione. Losing the roof is more impactful than others in this particular situation, however, due to Ferrari designing such a unique and aero-centric roof for the standard competitor. The coupe uses a large aluminum cover where you expect the rear window to be, and it is scattered by spiral generators to create additional downspouts.

This design is not possible with Competizione A, but Ferrari claims to have found a solution. A compensates with a new bridge element between the flying buttresses designed to direct the air towards the rear spoiler. Ferrari says the design “basically resets the downsides to the same level as the 812 competitors”. The bridge is designed not only to drive air but also to reduce traction.

The all-important Ferrari V12 goes from the regular competition to the A’s. This latest version of the 6.5-liter V12 engine produces 818 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque. This is 9,500 rpm. The 0-62 mph time is quoted at 2.85 seconds and the top speed is 211 mph – both for the coupe because Ferrari has not yet provided those specifications for the Dargah Top A.

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There are endless internal mechanical changes between this new V12 and the like Standard 812 Superfast, But the most intriguing is a new “diamond-like carbon” coating used for piston needles and steel-sliding finger followers in games. Ferrari claims that this technology is derived from its F1 cars, and that it is designed to allow for a high lift profile.

From here, go through the sequence of performance specifications and stats. Everything about the Competition and A is a little better than the regular 812. Ferrari’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission has been modified for 5% faster changes than the regular 812. A new brake design reduces heat Brake system By 30%. This car is 84 pounds lighter than a standard 812. Its impressive and sophisticated aero system is significantly less efficient. For the A, Ferrari created a flap on the windshield header that creates an air bubble for the cockpit to affect the airflow away from passengers. In addition, the top of the dargah itself is made of carbon fiber. The list goes on and on with the new all-wheel steering system, revised side slip control, and a nice cockpit… you get the idea. Unfortunately, if you do not already have a quota, you will never enjoy these improvements.

Ferrari makes no mention of these cars coming on sale or available to everyone, but it suggests that they may be too hard to get your hands on. “These twin cars are dedicated to the most exclusive collectors and the highest enthusiasts of Ferrari traditions,” the press release says. Are you a classic Ferrari owner? Otherwise, it looks like this car may not be built for you. After all, there is always a used market, which can be mega expensive.

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