The imaginary ‘iPhone 13’ product is offered in red [PICS]


According to Picto, This site shares what is said to be Apple’s ‘iPhone 13’ based on the leaked Gate maps of the next iPhone, which shows the iPhone 12-like design But now with a diagonal camera layout, rumor has it.

Historically, the color has been the same for the red version of an iPhone (product) and for all other versions, so all visible specifications can be extended to other parts of the iPhone 13 family.

Dimensions that renders display (Or at least very similar) For previous generation iPhones, it’s a design language that many may wonder why the new iPhone is not already called the iPhone 12S.

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The most notable physical difference is the position of the dual cameras on the back Apple has decided to sort diagonally Replace vertically on the new iPhone. Also know a Slightly smaller peak Above is a speaker grill.

The iPhone 13, or Apple chose to call it as soon as it was released, is rumored to be a game 120 Hz ‘Promotion’ display With adaptive update rate and A15 chipset, Apple’s next generation mobile silicon.

Famous Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Guo said The release schedule for the next iPhone will return to normal, So you can get your hands on the iPhone 13 coming in October.

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