The location of the new Russian budget supermarket coming to North Wales has been confirmed

A Russian supermarket that claims to be cheaper than Aldi and Little has confirmed the location of its new North Wales store.

The supermarket, which trades in Europe under the name ‘Mere’, will open its first stores in the UK this summer – including one in Flintshire.

The store, which claims to be about 30% cheaper than other discount supermarkets, will be at the Ambrose Lloyd Center and Co-op in Mold, near Iceland.

A post shared on the Murray UK Facebook page said: “We look forward to seeing you soon at our new store Ambrose Lloyd Center, Mold CH71 NH.

“Follow us on social media – keep all MERE messages up to date.”

Russian supermarket Mere is coming to North Wales

In all, four stores will open this year, including the Mold Store and another in Montevilshire’s Calcutta.

In the UK, one will open in Preston and the other in Castleford.

The Russian chain has 3,200 stores internationally and opened its first European Mere store in 2018.

It now trades in Germany – where rival Aldi started – in Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.

Mere’s stores are expected to double as warehouses, with online pictures showing sites across Europe.

Police stopped 2,500 cars in the area last week, and a visitor from Vikatan was sent the package saying he wanted to visit the Talagre lighthouse.

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Suppliers are expected to deliver directly to stores, each of which will be approximately 10,000 square feet.

With fresh food, ‘Mere’ stores across Europe also have cold and frozen limits.

Each store in the UK will have about 1,200 products and only eight employees.

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