The maple leaf trade for Nash marks many more moves to come before the deadline

TORONTO – The real question now is whether Frederick Anderson will be healthy enough to play another game of Toronto maple leaves before the end of the regular season.

If he is sidelined until the playoffs, Friday’s creative hat-trick maneuver to get a deep forward relay Nash while triggering a long-term injury arrangement could mean Kyle Dubas has about $ 5 million to go in the trade deadline.

However, the team refused to set a deadline of May 11 if Anderson returns from a minor injury, adding that what they have achieved in the trade with Columbus is to add a senior center without any impact on their cap position because Nash has been out for four to six weeks with a knee sprain.

By no means is it an external approach to acquiring a property while balancing a challenging hat situation – something known under Toronto Assistant General Manager Brandon Pritham.

What this deal ultimately tells us about the leaves is entirely indicative of Anderson’s health. He has not been on the ice since the loss to Calgary on March 19 and is not expected to join the squad for training before the 3pm trading deadline on Monday afternoon.

They didn’t trigger the LDI until Anderson’s injury and a series of list moves with Friday trading. Subsequently, they came closer to the $ 81.5 million cap ceiling to increase what is known as the collectible cap space limit. They then stopped Anderson in advance at LTI, bought Nash and sold Nash to LTI.

This ensures that the leaves above the cap ceiling of the league end the season – the only question is how much above.

This system usually works with a fair amount of transparency when it comes to injuries, but they do protect Anderson’s position, they protect the key to the largest layer of bitcoins.

Shelton Keef mentioned various medical visits to the 31-year-old Goldender during media sessions, but he declined to set any deadline for recovery. The coach most recently addressed the topic on Wednesday, saying he had “no worries” that Anderson’s season was in jeopardy and added: “No update. No update about him today. He had another follow-up here, but I haven’t got an update on that yet.”

This is a multi-layered issue due to Anderson’s importance to the team, but it is directly linked to what Dubas can do before the deadline.

Understanding the constraints of the leaf cap situation, the general manager is expected to be aggressive in improving the list, which currently sits third in the percentage of points. He aims for another perspective that can be played in the second line, and can add depth to his blueprint and goal, but considering Anderson’s return, his LDI space should be creative if not counting the rest. Regular season.

If so there are other ways to explore.

Chicago, San Jose and Los Angeles are among the NHL teams that have been allowed to learn that they are willing to serve as third-party brokers to retain cap space between contracts during this period, which would not be surprising to see one of them get that kind of offer to reduce the cap of their next acquisition.

Nash is coming to Toronto for $ 687,500 – which he has to pay for the remaining 29 days of the season – and the playoff games that will be upgraded to a sixth-round finish by Toronto’s upcoming 25th-seventh round of the 2022 seventh-round selection.

The 31-year-old brings strong defensive impressions and 32 games of post-season experience – including a series seven in the NHL Bubble against Toronto last summer and a 2018 seven-a-side against the Leaf as a member of the Boston Bruins.

Assuming Nash’s recovery goes as expected, he will add a little more insurance to a team that has been watching a long playoff run, and he needs very little commitment as a pending unrestricted free agent.

His acquisition points to several more moves to come to Toronto in the next 70 hours.

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