The Minister of Public Safety says Vancouver restaurants will face consequences for violating COVID-19 orders

BC’s Minister of Public Safety says businesses that continue to open their indoor dining areas in violation of COVID-19 rules could face consequences.

Mike Farnworth’s warning was slapped with a closure notice on Saturday at a Vancouver restaurant for violating restrictions by serving hosts inside the home, with its owner pointing out he wanted to ignore it.

“The harassment of enforcement officers will not be tolerated and the closure orders of Vancouver Coastal Health or any other health authority must be respected,” Farnworth said in a statement.

“There will certainly be consequences for those who openly disregard orders in order to keep British Columbians safe.”

Health inspectors from a Vancouver restaurant on Saturday ate indoors in violation of public health orders.

Corduroy Restaurant on Cornwall Avenue in Kitsilano continues to serve in-house hosts and has been slapped with closure notice, but its owner says the food will reopen perfectly after reopening.

Vancouver Police Const. According to Dania Wisintin, a liquor coordinator from the department also visited the Corduroy restaurant on Saturday night.

According to Wisin, no one was arrested at the restaurant, no tickets were issued and no action will be taken by provincial health officials.

The Closing notice Presented by Vancouver Coastal Health after public concerns.

In a video posted on Facebook, the owner of Corduroy starts chanting “Get out” as masked customers at a bagged restaurant to a bailiff.

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The restaurant’s Instagram post on Sunday describes the last two days as a “roller-coaster” but did not mention the closing queue.

“We appreciate the support and understand the setback,” it says. “This past year has been incredibly tough for all of us. We sold food and decided to close tonight and tomorrow.”

The post concludes by saying that the restaurant will reopen at 4pm on Tuesday

The health minister says the rules are clear

Vancouver Coastal Health on Thursday issued an order to close Gustavo at the Olympic Village after owner Federico Foucault refused to suspend indoor service in accordance with the latest COVID-19 rules.

P.C. said any business that violates health orders should be immediately shut down, fined and the business license revoked.

“This type of complete disregard for public safety and the rule of law is not acceptable,” President Ian Dostensen said in a written statement.

Thousands of restaurants in BC have been selected to comply with health orders, he said.

“The actions of a few selfish, arrogant and irresponsible restaurant owners do not in any way reflect the significant effort made by this industry to ensure public safety.”

BC’s health minister weighed in on the situation during a Sunday press conference, saying restaurant closures would be enforced and the rules banning indoor food were very clear.

“It’s very difficult for restaurants, the implications of stopping indoor dining are profound for them, but it is now necessary to stop the spread of this virus, which is evil, and it is not listening to our arguments,” Adrian Dix said.

No indoor food until April 19th

Dr. Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer of British Columbia, issued a public health order last week banning all internal foods due to sharp progress in the COVID-19 cases.

Anyone offering a non-compliant event can currently be issued 3 2,300 violation tickets, while individuals will be fined 75,575.

Daily case numbers are over 1,000 in recent days, including a one-day record of 1,072 infections.

Patio and exit orders are still allowed as part of the new public health order, which will last until at least April 19th.

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