The Morrisons loyalty card changes are explained when the supermarket introduces the new plan

Morrisons makes changes to its loyalty card and launches a new app called My Morrisons.

The supermarket informed customers of the changes in March 2021, and has now revealed what shoppers can expect from the loyalty offer, called My Morrisons: Make Good Things Happen.

Ideally, the new plan will provide instant cash rather than points, while new app shoppers will have easier access to services such as food boxes and the Morrisons Cafe takeaway menu.

But how does the Loyalty Card work and how long does it take for customers to retrieve vouchers? Here’s what you need to know.

Morrisons Faith Card

From Monday 10 May customers no longer need to save their points or wait for vouchers.

Instead, the savings will be communicated in pounds and available for immediate disposal.

There will be a new application with an instant reward based plan that will change the need to carry a plastic card. Customers who want to use the physics card can use their current one.

My Morrisons application

My Morrisons app offers a home for personalized offers and all Morrison online services, including, lunch boxes and the Morrisons Cafe takeaway menu.

Morrisons says customers can expect additional features in the coming weeks, such as ‘basket bonus’ surprises and happy rewards. This includes the opportunity for customers to return to the community.

You can download my Morrisons app to retrieve rewards and then swipe to the store. Customers can register online for the website experience or continue to use their card for store vouchers, which will be printed until they arrive at the store. Existing Morrisons and card users need to update their app for my Morrisons experience.

How long does it take to retrieve vouchers?

Morrisons says customers were first notified of the changes in March 2021 and will have until August 9 to retrieve the unclaimed ‘Morrisons More Fever’.

Then they have 56 weeks to spend.

Wasim Haq, Head of Digital Marketing at Morrisons, said: “My Morrisons’ launch helps our customers do good things, and they offer instant offers every time they shop at Morrisons.

“Over the past 12 months, we have seen more and more of our customers use our apps and online services, and we are excited to launch the new My Morrisons app for customers today.”

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