January 28, 2023

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The mountain of promises for the climate “gives birth to a rat”, the UN

The United Nations calls for speedy ending COP26. The states’ new climate commitments have only partially improved mankind’s chances of mitigating global warming, the UN regretted on Tuesday, November 9, calling for greater ambition by the end of the conference.

Brazil and India, which have pledged carbon neutrality by 2070, have about thirty countries on the table, short-term or long-term. Announcements that audiences often consider important. “Looking at these new commitments, frankly, it’s the mountain that gave birth to the rat.”, According to Inger Anderson, sponsor of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

Just before the launch of COP26, UNEP’s Annual Basic Report Predicts Global Warming “Disaster” + 2.2 C at the end of the century compared to the pre-industrial era, or + 2.2 ° C, taking into account the promises of carbon neutrality for 2050.

Updated forecasts by UNEP on Tuesday show no change in the temperature trajectory: + 2.7 ° C by the end of the century. Against +2.2. But these promises are carbon neutral “Generally vague, not generally obvious, some talk only about greenhouse gases and others about C02, which is difficult to assess“, Commented Inger Anderson.

Other estimates of temperature forecasts have been published in recent days. If all short-term promises and carbon neutrality are respected, the International Energy Agency’s optimism that it will control global warming to +1.8 ° C is encouraging. Another analysis of the climate action tracker released on Tuesday predicts a rise of + 2.4 ° C based on short-term targets.

All of these reviews “Prove that there is progress but it is not enough”, Tuesday, COP26 chairman, Alok Sharma, with whom to tell “Reliability” The target at the end of this conference is +1.5 C “Living”.

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