The Nike PlayStation 5 Shoes release is coming in May

(Pocket-Lind) – Nike and Sony PlayStation’s latest joint sneakers are said to launch next month.

The pair first crossed paths under NBA superstar Paul George’s signature Nike Shoe – PG2.5 in 2018, and after some speculation and hints on social media, more details about the PlayStation 5-themed remake have begun to leak.

Pictures of the shoes will fall in two distinct colorways, which first appeared on Instagram in March. @laceuphk, But the price or exact timeline has not yet been revealed.

According to Sneaker filesHowever, the Fiji 5X PS5 will start at $ 110 in May.

If there were any previous PlayStation and Nike collaborations, the share would be much lower – this would be lower than the PlayStation 5 console that was relaunched in November.

As always, once it starts appearing in resale outlets like StockX, the best chance of catching one of the limited sneakers will be after the initial release.

Interestingly, as we mentioned above, the Fiji 5X will actually be between two different colorways of the PlayStation. The blue sneaker is very reminiscent of the console’s opening screen, while the midsole, laces and tongue offer a white variation.

Meanwhile, the white variant is a little more integrated with the design of the original PS5. It is black with lining and tongue, has a blue Nike swoosh and only one feature – a clearance for the console’s power-on look.

Both, from what we can see, will feature throughout Sony’s iconic triangle-circle-cross-square logo.

For now, all you have to do is stare at the sneakers and wait for a more definite release date. We will update you as we learn more about this story.

Written by Connor Allison.

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