The opening date for the new coffee shop at Lichfield Supermarket has been confirmed

An insomnia coffee shop

The release date for the new coffee shop at Lichfield Supermarket has been confirmed.

The Insomnia Coffee Company will deliver the first trophies on April 16 at the Central UK Co-op Fake Park Store.

The Irish coffee chain launch will delight customers outside with offers and live music.

The store will initially offer a takeaway service, according to current Corona virus guidelines, before it opens fully in the summer.

At the coffee shop, team leader Claire Paul said:

“We can’t wait to open the doors when we’re all safe and provide the Fake Park community with a great place to get refreshed and meet friends and family.

“It will be a high quality coffee shop that offers 100% ferrated coffee and tea, and I hope our customers will love it too.

“Initially we will be able to offer departure and an outdoor seating area with full social distance and safety measures, and we look forward to further raising the restrictions so that customers can enjoy the comfortable and stylish interior that the store offers.”

Claire Paul, Insomnia Coffee Company

The new coffee shop is part of a $ 3 million renovation of the Fake Park shopping area, which has already opened a new-look supermarket.

A gym and a fish and chip shop are set to open on the site in the coming months.

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