February 1, 2023

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The Packers are expected to consider trading Aaron Rodgers to the AFC team in 2023, per the report


It was Aaron Rodgers Admittedly, he is unsure of his future in the NFL distance PackersThe 2022 season ended in Week 18. The star quarterback later confirmed he would be open to playing elsewhere if the right opportunity presented itself. And now, with only two weeks of playoffs left until the start of the season, Green Bay is expected to consider a Rodgers deal, According to ESPN.

“It’s hard to imagine him retiring and leaving and giving up $110 million in guaranteed money,” Adam Schefter said on “Sports Center” Tuesday. “That means he’s either back with Green Bay, or the team is exploring the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrading him. Now, Jordan Love is getting closer and closer to playing. … (So) yeah, one of these scenarios that the Green Bay Packers are expected to explore these The casual idea…they may have to part with Aaron Rodgers in the form of a trade.”

“It doesn’t mean that will happen,” Schefter continued. “But if he wants it, and they’re on the same page, that’s definitely realistic. … And if they continue to trade him, it will be for the AFC.”

Rodgers is just one year removed from signing a three-year, $150 million extension with the Packers. He also went out of his way on his first post-Week 18 remarks to highlight Green Bay as his favorite home in the NFL. But Love, who briefly replaced Rodgers through injury this season, is already heading into his fourth season in the NFL after the Packers advanced to make him a first-round draft pick in 2020. The team may look to renew its tryout assets and salary cap space after A disappointing 9-8 finish in 2022.

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If Rodgers and the Packers are looking to part ways after 18 seasons together, a number of AFC teams could potentially play four-time NFL MVPs. the PlanesAnd RaidersAnd titans And Patriots They stand out as logical suitors: New York is poised for a playoff run but needs QB help; Las Vegas is set to trade Derek Carr and last year acquired Davante Adams, Rodgers’ number one target. Tennessee could switch from Ryan Tannehill. New England is restructuring its offensive staff.