July 19, 2024

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The Pope uses a pejorative term to refer to homosexuals

The Pope uses a pejorative term to refer to homosexuals

Pope Francis recently used an insulting and vulgar word when speaking about homosexuals in the Catholic Church, several Italian media reported on Monday, May 27.

Speaking during a meeting of the Italian Synod of Bishops (CEI) a week ago, the Pope reportedly urged bishops not to welcome openly gay people into religious seminaries. “backs”According to the translation that comes closest to it.

He used a word from the dialect of Rome. “Frosiagin”In Italian it is considered vulgar and derogatory towards homosexuals.

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“His words do not know”

“According to the bishops concerned” talk Corriere della Sera, “It is evident that the Sovereign Pontiff did not know how offensive his remarks in Italian were.”The main Italian daily writes on its site.

“Rather than shame, his comments were greeted with some incredulous laughter because of the confusion” The Pope’s mother tongue is not Italian “was clear”The newspaper continues.

Daily life Republic of La cites several corroborating sources and gives the same information.

Pope Francis has always campaigned for a church that welcomes everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, but during this meeting he insisted on banning openly gay seminaries.

When asked, the Vatican did not immediately respond.

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