The Raptors show fighting, but the deficit cannot be overcome by the Versus Lakers

Here are 10 examples from the Toronto Raptors 110-101 Los Angeles Lakers loss.

One – the worst: It was a tough observation. The Lakers credit for playing an exceptional game without Anthony Davis and LeBron James, but nothing for the Raptors. From the tab, it was clear that the raptors were struggling with the size of the lockers, not their fight to fill the gap. The first quarter was somewhat uninteresting entertainment, but it’s good to forget this game has always happened and move on to other parts of the week.

Two – Random: OG Anunobi was expelled One of the strangest fights in NBA history. Anunobi was dragged away by Dennis Schroeder who tried to build him up at breakneck pace, and the two were still in trouble after the play died. Anunobi tied his hand under Schroeder’s leg, in an effortless motion Anunobi flipped Schroeder with the same care and flipped an egg without breaking the yolk. A crowd gathered and there was a lot of movement, Schroeder tried to go back, while Anunobi gave a bad expression and was kicked out when the referees considered him.

Three – Abbreviation: Anunobi’s exit made things very difficult for the Raptors, who brought nine healthy bodies into the game. The immediate impact was that Nick Nurse had to lean further into the depths of his wing, and between Utah Watanabe and Stanley Johnson, nothing was found. The Raptors badly needed a playmaker to open the Lockers defense, but Kyle Lori and Fred Vanweed were sidelined. So all that’s left is a rock fight from the raptors, he totally hit the buzz, almost never by skill.

Four – blank: Although he finished with 27 points from Pascal Siakam, this was also one of the worst performances of the season, which often came at a junk time. Some of them were appropriate, as there was a degree of lockers refusing to let Siak go to the most effective place. Siakam is constantly stuck in a season-long shooting slump, some of them incompetent, and his misses are so erratic that he is ignored by security and his own teammates when he is open. But the best part of his acting is his lack of explosiveness, which is the key element to making him effective. Siak was pushed by Wes Mathews and Marquez Morris and blocked by Mark Casol and Kyle Kuzma, and it was obvious that his conditioning was not close to where it should be.

Five – Anxiety: It’s one thing to fight, it’s another thing. Siakam can sometimes get in his head if he misses a few shots, and he wastes everything he makes. He was defensively disorganized and it dragged the team as a whole because it could not plan around gambling. Siakam’s game is not in a position where he can take responsibility when he wants to, but there must be a way he can step back to gain prominence, while being a positive contributor in other areas. His heart is in the right place, but success does not always conform to his rules, and there is respect in retreating and sacrificing when things break down, because in forcing the issue to continue until something breaks down.

Six – Attempt: The best player for the Raptors is Diandre Pembroy, which is an indictment for the team because it is a compliment to Pembroke. He advanced once again in the opening five, filing rounds around both ends. Pembroy is a very effective glue guy, he is 3 points away from being a cyclist on a playoff team, and the Raptors are smart enough to join the second year on his contract. The whole season was a dull one all season, but Pembroke was a keeper. He makes smart plays, which is why the coaching staff keeps changing his character because he is comfortable with the ability to adapt.

Seven – Limitations: This is a memorable performance by Gary Trent Jr. Trent Jr. was pressured to create so many offenses for the team in the first half, and he struggled with the Lakers’ health to create enough division to eliminate the clean look. Shot creation is not his main skill, but Trent Jr. has a great opportunity to grow in that area, especially as raptors suffer injuries on back court. Trent Jr. has some good tools to work with between his midrange game and a step three, but there is room for improvement in his driving and basket finishes. Time is on his side as the team’s youngest player, which is easy to forget as Trent Jr. already plays his role as a senior player.

Eight – Bullying: Two of the Raptors’ victories against Washington and Golden State failed to affect Malachi Flynn’s game, and much of it came from physical disability. Alex Caruso was big and aggressive in his approach to defense, which made it difficult to run Flynn. Flynn Wire and he is tough, but he needs to find some ways to improve his strength without sacrificing his quick character because otherwise enemies can put muscle wherever he wants. Vanwheel had a roughly similar problem, but eventually grew into a very strong player who could use it to his advantage on both ends.

Nine – Shuffle: The nurse never conceded a loss, to the extent that she used her coach’s challenge at the last minute as the Lakers tried to run the clock for a successful victory. The nurse also pulled out her regular tactical defensive list, squeezing the entire court from various zonal coverages and aggressively trapping ball handlers like a backslider in March Madness. The nurse said the 3-2 zone was a very effective look, which has not been used much by raptors this season. Playing in the middle of the Trent Junior zone had to get new algorithms every time, but it was also the theme of the season.

Ten – Smart: Mark Casol was clearly excited to play against his former team, and 13 points for him feels like 30 points from anyone else. Kasol brings with him many abominations that have disappeared this season, and his experience alone is truly invaluable as all his speeches are diminished at the end of his life. Little things like timing his assist defense on the edge, creating extra bass on the floor, leaving a center gap and finding the right angle on the screen to get an advantage for his teammates, all of these things are missing on the Raptors this season. The idea that Casol will become the centerpiece of the third string of a completely healthy Lockers team is almost a terrible joke because he will start without question for the raptors.

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