July 24, 2024

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“The Republican Party is undergoing a form of moral and ethical decay of the highest intensity”

“The Republican Party is undergoing a form of moral and ethical decay of the highest intensity”

Hello, what are the convictions of Donald Trump?


Judge Juan Merchan presided over the trial for a remarkable six weeks. He demonstrated a subtle combination of authority, listening, attentiveness to jurors, and openness to both sides’ arguments. He was very concerned about respecting forms, standards and procedures. Donald Trump will be judged by the permanent charges against him “corrupted file” And “independent”Missing the point.

So this seasoned judge has to shoulder the huge responsibility of deciding the sentence. He has very wide latitude for this. He will receive a brief from the defense and prosecution, along with their recommendations, sometime in June. Then he has to take into account several parameters. Donald Trump was unanimously convicted by twelve juries. This is a rigorous and irrefutable verification of the prosecution case. He was convicted of thirty-four counts of falsifying accounting documents, each of which carries a maximum sentence of four years in prison.

But often, in the case of imprisonment, they overlap for each fact and do not add up. Judge Merchan can also impose a suspended prison sentence (requires authorization to leave the state) or house arrest, with daily checks by a Justice Department agent and the wearing of an electronic bracelet. Penalties may also be imposed. The magistrate will take into account the convicted person’s profile, lack of criminal record (despite his civil convictions), the non-violent nature of the facts, and the general security environment (for example the problems his incarceration causes). .

One last important point: Donald Trump will most likely appeal, which should include a suspended sentence for any prison sentence imposed. However, the conviction will not prevent the billionaire from running for president.

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Piotr Smolar (Washington, Correspondent)