The Rogers crash leaves some Canadian customers without phone service

Rogers Wireless customers Voice and data services across Canada are reporting major malfunctions on Monday.

Failure reports often originate in Ontario, but it also affects the provinces from BC to Prince Edward Island.

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Rogers, governments to cut costs to increase wireless service in eastern Ontario

Rogers apologized for the service disruption, saying their team was “acting quickly to restore services as soon as possible.”

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The communications company said the crash also affected Fito customers.

Rogers has yet to say a word about when the service will be restored.

Some police in Ontario have issued a warning that if people call 911 they should not hang up because their correspondents cannot call back.

The service disruption also affects Canadians’ ability to prescribe the COVID-19 vaccine, according to Twitter.

“The perfect time for Rogers Inactivation, when I try to register a Govt vaccine. I already missed an appointment when the call was dropped, and I did not receive text codes to confirm the online registration, ”posted Twitter user Natasha Kuttier.

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“I need text confirmation to register an appointment for my vaccine, but I could not get it because Rogers is down. There is zero ETA when they restore my service,” another Twitter user posted.

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“It’s difficult to register a vaccination appointment when you have to send a verification PIN via text to confirm Shoppers Truckmart, and the og Rogers network is down!” Written by Twitter user Jeff Duggan.

Global News approached Rogers for a comment, but did not ask again at the time of publication.

Wireless customers in Canada also report malfunctions from other carriers. Global News reached out to these companies, but never asked again.

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