December 9, 2022

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The Russian parliament approved a law on the unification of four Ukrainian regions…

08:08: Near the south side, a cycle nursery to wait for calm to return

They are green, red, black, blue… all abandoned. Zelenodolsk, a small Ukrainian town near the southern front, still tell the story of the Russian army Thursday bombing, hundreds of bicycles to save the enemy can face. Some machines are pet: a sweater protects a harness, a small bag is attached to a frame. Others are work tools, rusty and hard to wound.

Luggage racks are sometimes equipped with a child seat, sometimes with a nest. There is also a heavy duty scooter for the disabled, some pushchairs, wheelchairs, carts and a small brown bicycle with wheels. More than 600 cycles await in and around a small warehouse in Zelenodolsk. “We keep them for their owners” so they can retrieve them at the end of the war, says Vitaly Reglitskyi, who works at the municipality.

Many of them arrived in early March as the Russian military gradually took control of part of the neighboring Kherson region. By that time, the invader had already stolen most of the cars in the surrounding villages, says Vitaly Reglitsky. To take off, there was only the bike.

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