The shopkeeper spends six years parking at each location in his local supermarket

29 April 2021, 07:21 | Updated: 29 April 2021, 07:25

Gareth Wilde spent six years parking at every location in her local supermarket.

Image: Gareth Wilde / Google Maps

A person in south-east London has documented a “roller coaster” ride he used during a challenge he took for six years at every parking lot in his local supermarket.

Gareth Wilde, 39, of Bromley, explained to his followers online that he would like to add “excitement” to the tedious task of parking vehicles for the weekly shop by ranking each of the 211 personal intervals.

He announced the completion of the challenge on April 24 at his local Sainsbury’s, calling the achievement his “enormous task.”

“Every week after the last few years, I started to think about how many different places I parked and how long it would take to stop them all,” he explained.

“My life has been a long roller coaster.”

In a viral Twitter thread, he ranked each individual location using ‘Got Layer’, ‘Effective’ and ‘Avoid’, declaring Parking Slot C1 the overall winner.

“It’s a great car park because you can always get a place, it’s well set up,” he said, “comfortable in my top five Bromley car parks.”

He described his டாkoda Octavia as “a pig to go in” to the F20, the final parking lot, and urged fellow shoppers to “avoid places next to trolley bays.”

“They’re scary,” he said.

He calculated his average number of trips per year to be 60, and said that “in theory my challenge could have been completed in four years”, but “a global epidemic annoyingly slowed me down.”

Mr Wilde collected data on a color-coded spreadsheet inspired by labeling each parking bay with a letter and number.

Inspired by his challenge, Sainsbury praised his “car-commitment” and said he would “do something to help the supermarket chain celebrate.”

“Look at this (parking) place,” the company said.

Following his rise as a Twitter star that day, he asked followers to visit the “historic” Corpark. Donate to the local Bromley Food Bank, Which has collection bins in the supermarket.

“The car park application is an attractive insight into Gareth,” the food bank responded.

“Thanks for sharing the joy with us, we are always eager to encourage donations to our supermarket tanks. Keep up the important work.”

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