The South Australian manufacturing market is strengthening its relationship with the major supermarket chain

The South Australian Manufacturing Market (SAPM) has re-signed a long-term contract with Drakes Supermarkets, a large independent retail chain, which will see the retailer continue to work with SA’s largest farmers and wholesalers.

Drakes Supermarkets is committed to a long-term lease on the Adelaide campus and this will allow it to continue to play a key role in the supply chain, says SAPM CEO Angelo Demasi.

“The ‘Just in Time’ policy is about the market, so they get production in the warehouse, which may be on the shelves that morning,” he said. “It does not have to go to a large distribution center and be lined up and moved at two-day intervals. This is an advantage for them when the supply is tight or plentiful; they benefit from negotiation. The best products are available on the market site at very competitive prices. There are suppliers at the door where they can work. “

According to Mr Demasi, another advantage is that they can work with a bunch of farmers to ensure they have the right product and quantity when needed.

“It’s about the flexibility to keep your suppliers next to you, using it by fulfilling last minute orders from retailers when needed,” Mr Demasi said. “You can’t do that when you run a centralized DC. So, with those performance, we benefit from having them on site, and our tenants also benefit because they have a customer who can provide consistently. We also have Metcash (wholesale distributor) , Which gives confidence that the market system is strong, and works with people to roll through the supply chain. “

About 30 percent of the market’s fruits and vegetables are sold to independent retailers, so it makes a lot of effort to ‘Big A Local, Big SA’ newsletter which was a great campaign.

“They are important to the supply chain,” he said. “What we found with COVID-19 was that there was a move for our independents. People wanted to buy locally, people wanted it to be reliable. We also saw a move because people were going out before the epidemic. It went from 12 percent to 19 percent in 2019. During the epidemics, we saw the hospitality sector move from 19 percent to 17 percent, with independent retailers raising their market share to 1 percent in South Australia.

For the first time in 15 years there is also an opportunity to lease a major cold storage facility within the market premises.

“It has an excellent facility and an area of ​​about 7,500 square meters with 10 loading docks, and we hope to have leased this facility by August 2021,” Mr Demasi said. “I think it would be the best state of the art distribution center for someone who wants to be within the fruit and vegetable complex. It could be a transportation or food related distributor located strategically within 10km of the CPT with an online site and the exception being two properties of Leadwell Property Group and Colliers International Agents work with us, so we hope the property will be leased, which is an important part of us. “

Heart S.A. from next week on the market. The conference is being held on its campus, with more than 350 registered attendees.

“It’s a mini-heart connection, and it’s been a month since the big event in Brisbane,” Mr Temasi said. “We have speakers from the supply chain (market data company) to Nielsen, supermarkets. We will have a tour and more than 30 exhibitors. The media and the food industry provided market tours for the people. Since we are not a public market, not a lot of people know that we are here, so it’s a bit of a market profile and some new buyers have the opportunity to see what’s going on. There will be a box, and then in the afternoon, the conference starts. “

The event will take place on Tuesday, May 18th.

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