The SpaceX rocket that burned over Seattle also dropped space debris on a farm

Cost The Balkan 9 booster of the latest Starling mission turned into a brilliant, burning fireball On the evening of March 25 it re-entered the atmosphere in the Pacific Northwest. But a full tank of fuel from the rocket carried it to the ground and turned it into a farm in Washington state.

Like shooting stars in steroids, space debris scattered across the sky as the rocket shattered and burned. Harvard astronomer Jonathan McDowell quickly identified the debris that had been singing as remnants of the second phase since its March 4 release.

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Usually these rockets create a “derbit burn” so that they burn instantly and in a controlled manner. This particular rocket missed its Derbit combustion and took its time towards an ultimate catastrophe three weeks later.

Most of the space debris burns completely or goes into the ocean. The fate of this rocket was essentially left to chance, which instead gave BNW a fantastic show and secretly dropped its hybrid-overloaded pressure vessel (basically a propulsion tank) in rural Grand County.

But the secret was soon discovered by a farmer who reported it to law enforcement and asked it not to be identified.

The Grand County Sheriff’s Office shared pictures of the tank and the four-inch deep indentation it made in the ground.

A few days ago the sheriff’s office contacted SpaceX on suspicion that it might be related to abnormal vision, confirming it appeared to be part of a Falcon 9 and sending staff to retrieve it.

A spokesman for the Grand County Sheriff said, “Of course we do not have the protocol for this, so we made a mistake in returning someone’s property to them.” Kyle Foreman told The Verge.

A score for the regression of mixed materials. The tank was very lightweight, so indentation rather than a ditch.

However, you need a strong umbrella to protect it if such a tank occasionally falls on your head from space.


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