The supermarket chain, known as the ‘Little of Russia’, is 30% cheaper than competitors opening four stores in the UK.

A supermarket chain called “Little Russia” is set to open four stores in the UK – and says it is 30% cheaper than its competitors.

Swedofor was founded in Siberia in 2009, but it has been opening stores in Europe since 2018 under the name Mere.


What would it be like in the UK when a Mare store opensCredit: MERERETAIL

It now plans to open two stores in the UK, Preston and Castleford, and two stores in Wales, Mold and Calcutta. Grocery.

The first, the former Nisa in Preston’s Rifton, is scheduled to open next month.

Powell Antonovs, the UK’s buying head, said The Grocery prices would cut even the cheapest supermarkets in the UK by 20% to 30%.

He said: “We have a gap in the market, we have no competitors.

“There is no service marketing like ours.”

Shopkeepers will usually pick up items from the boards they provide


Shopkeepers will usually pick up items from the boards they provideCredit: MERERETAIL

Here’s how to reduce the price of your grocery store

Saving in your store can make a big difference in your wallet. Here are some tips from on how to reduce the price of your shopping bills:

  • Write a list for yourself – Buy only what you need. If it’s not on your list, do not put it in the trolley
  • Create a budget – Create a weekly budget for your food shopping
  • Never come to the store hungry – If your stomach hurts you are more likely to buy more food
  • Do not buy pre-chopped vegetables or fruits – Extra eye watering they charge for cutting
  • Use social media – Follow your favorite retailers to learn about the latest deals
  • Be unfaithful – You may want to go to different stores to negotiate the best deal
  • Check the small print – It is always worth checking a price per kg / lp / liter when comparing offers, so you make a decision like making a big box.
  • Use your faith cards – Do not be afraid to register them all. They all work a little differently – do what bonuses are right for you and remember to trade your points for extra rewards

Mere compares himself to Costco, but has no membership fees and no store service.

Each UK store will be about 10,000 square feet, with only eight workers.

Stores are also said to include a walk-in retail room and freezer, and products are usually sold directly from the trays they serve.

Supermarket buys shares from suppliers “on the basis of sales or revenue”, i.e. returns any unsold item to the seller.

The Russian chain is said to have 3,200 stores worldwide.

Contacted Sun Mere for feedback.

The news comes as Amazon Fresh opens its first real-life store and goes to war with supermarkets in March.

At the same time, another new budget supermarket called OOPS! Offered to provide free manicure to a customer for one year.

Aldi and Little are often crowned at cheap supermarkets – thanks for this Their low operating costs And a certain amount of products.

Aldi won the tough competition Which was crowned the cheapest supermarket in April?

Meanwhile, Little Aldi won the 2020 Cheap Supermarket.

We’ve rounded up 16 tips to reduce your supermarket shopping bill by hundreds of pounds a year.

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