The supermarket company maintains different prices on its two chains

The country’s largest grocery retailer denies the notion that its advertised specialties are misleading.

Seven out of ten people in a consumer survey do not believe in specialties and question whether they are actually bargaining.

The survey tracked online prices and found that some products are often discounted, so the so-called ‘special’ price is actually the regular selling price.

Foods North Island leader Chris Queen told Mike Hosking that advertising for the New World is very clear.

He says supersavers only last for a short time, then there are club contracts, which are permanently discounted with everyday value products.

“Shoppers can check prices online, and New World and Pack My Save may charge different prices for the same item.

“There are different level services, different locations and different costs between brands.”

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Sophia Harrison

Part time worker

I'm Sophia Harrison working as a part-time staff at the Costco since the past year until I become as an author at the iron blade, hope I can use my experiences with the supermarkets here.

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