The supermarket in Slow donates 10 laptops to the primary school

Benwood Primary students and staff with donated laptops

A local supermarket has donated laptops to an elementary school to help educate children.

Riff Khan, a community champion at ASDA in Berkshire’s Slow, arranged to surprise Benwood School with 10 laptops as part of a supermarket’s effort to provide 7,000 laptops to schools across the UK to tackle digital exclusions.

As children now return to the classroom, technology is needed to support their in-home learning skills such as academic activities within the classroom, homework assignments, learning during the school holidays and future learning in schools.

The supermarket chain has teamed up with Dell to ensure access to students in need of laptops.

ASDA’s partnership with Dell allows it to invest $ 2 million in the project, allowing each ASDA store in the UK to donate 10 laptops to a school in need locally.

Each laptop comes with a technology bundle that includes a headset and mobile internet dongle with 20GB of storage from Vodafone, ASDA’s network provider.

The dongle and data payment is funded by a separate, 000 500,000 contribution from The Asta Foundation, a retailer’s charity. Laptops come with a one-year warranty and technical support.

The supermarket launched this initiative to support schools in its communities that are struggling with digital exclusion.

About 9 percent of children in the UK – between 1.1 million and 1.8 million – do not have access to a laptop, desktop or tablet at home, according to Ofcom.

These children are primarily from backward backgrounds and are at risk of further backwardness with their education.

Asta Slow Community Community Champion, Riff Conn “I have a very close relationship with Benwood School and I know what a big difference this donation will make to the school in getting these laptops.

“I am proud that Asta can play a small role in helping to break down digital barriers so that children can continue their education far and wide in the future.”

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