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The tears of the Leather Kingdom hero give the enemy juicy information

once again, connection Barely clothed, he begins his journeyn The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears. While there are a few clothing items near where Link starts in the huge tutorial area, With OP shieldAnd I was hoping to get a certain item early. I’m talking about the hero’s tunic, which you can use to see an enemy’s exact HP meter, meaning numbers instead of just the bar. In addition, you can upgrade this Kingdom Tears gear with Great fairies.

in Breath of the WildIt was easy to get. You will obtain the Hero Jacket from Impa in Kakariko Village after completing the first Captured Memories quest. This can be done very early in the game, so I was surprised to find that such a classic outfit wasn’t so easy to get this time around. Also upgraded to Champion’s skins.

Where to find the hero skin location in kingdom tears

The map of Hyrule shows Zelda's secret well.

screenshot: Kotaku / Nintendo

There’s actually a clue as to where to find hero skins in Zelda’s secret well behind Link’s house (no, you’re not the only one Ask questions about their co-habitation). In the secret cave room, you will find Zelda’s diary, which you can read. This tells you where to find hero skins and triggers the “A New Champion’s Tunic” side quest.

The link reads The Zelda Diaries referring to the location of the new and improved Hero Jacket.

screenshot: Kotaku / Nintendo

“No matter where I go to offer help, Link remains by my side – a kindness that clearly affected these outfits,” Zelda’s diary reads. “That’s why I’ve placed a request for a new and improved hero tunic, just for him. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when I surprise him with it! I’ll hide him in the throne room so he won’t find it until after we investigate. Even he never expected the torches to be the key “.

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How to get hero skin in kingdom tears

The hero skins overlay above the link appears in front of a chest containing the clothing item.

screenshot: Kotaku / Nintendo

So, the throne room of Hyrule Castle, torches. I got it. Unfortunately, Hyrule Castle is a bit higher than it used to be. There are several ways to get to Hyrule’s castle Kingdom Tears. You can slide down from the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, though you’ll need more than one circle of stamina, or you can use the Zonai to gain some height. You can also use Zora’s shield to swim up waterfalls, which can come in handy. I made my way From the Sky View Tower, and Eat some energizing food to recharge my energy halfway through. You’ll want to land right at the main entrance, and from there, simply walk right in. The throne will be raised on the other side of the room with stairs extending left and right. There are two copperplates in front of the throne. Light those up, either with a flint or some fire fruit attached to the arrows. Once both are lit, the statue behind the throne moves, revealing a chest underneath. Inside, you will find the hero skin.

Looks like zelda hooked you up with Premium leather shoulder protector. However, he still has a base defense of 5.

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