July 4, 2022

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The United States has announced that “many countries” have pledged to supply arms to Kyiv

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Hosted live by Clemens Abedokbor and Elijah Pommiers

Cover: Arlington, Virginia – May 23: US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin attends a news conference at the Pentagon on May 23, 2022 in Arlington, Virginia. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Millie spoke on a variety of topics, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and whether the United States would act militarily if China invaded Taiwan. Alex Wong / Getty Images / AFP == For Newspapers, Internet, Telecas and Television Use Only == Alex Wong / AFP

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  • The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky, Stressed the international community We need to tighten sanctions against Russia. Speaks on Davos-Forum, Monday, May 23, He said “Do not trade with Russia”Especially not its oil purchases.
  • City SiverodonetskLocated in the Luhansk region in eastern Ukraine “Immediate Tactical Priorities” Russia’s British Defense Ministry writes The report was released on Sunday.
  • Monday, Most of the fights still focused on this area. The city is bombed “Twenty-four seven”According to the governor of the region Sergei Haido. “All Russian forces are concentrated in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions.”He agreed The situation was changing “Hard and difficult” To the Ukrainian defenders.
  • A The Russian soldier was sentenced When life sentence First war crimes trial Brought into Ukraine since the outbreak of the Russian invasion.
  • In two votes, the Ukrainian parliament on Sunday approved the president’s decree with an absolute majority Martial law and public mobilizationExtended Until August 23rd.
  • The Polish PresidentAndrzej Duda, in kyiv on Sunday, said he was determined to do everything possible To help Ukraine become a member of the European Union. Confirmation on the same day by Clement Peon, the French Minister in charge of French European affairsUkraine joins EU “Probably fifteen or twenty years”.

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