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A little, wobbly little Particle According to preliminary findings released by an international team of scientists on Wednesday, everything we think we know about how the universe works may be enough to upset us.

Researchers working at Fermilab, near Chicago, say they have found strong evidence that an unknown force is active at the subatomic level – a shake that should not be done based on the current understanding of particle physics.

“It’s time for our Mars rover to land,” said Chris Polly, one of the leading scientists on the Funeral Mune G-2 experiment.

“I think this little wobble could shake the foundations of what we thought we knew,” said Marcela Karena, head of theoretical physics at Fermilab. Karena was not part of the study, but she said New York Times She is “very excited” by its findings.

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While firing particles around a 14-meter-long metal ring surrounded by electromagnets, Polly and her crew saw a reality-shaking wobble that effectively smashes things together on a teenage-small scale at a facility in Illinois.

The particle at the heart of potential discovery is called a muon and is called the “current understanding of physics”. Standard model – The rule book that is decades old in the way that reality seems to work. The standard model contains a list of the most basic building blocks (ie elementary particles) in the universe and equations describing how the four known forces interact with each other.

Light shines in the black hole

Light in the black hole – March 26, 2021

Over the years numerous experiments have appeared to confirm the standard model, but Fermilb researchers say they have found that mions behave incomprehensibly – as if they were interacting with a particle or a fifth force.

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The four known forces are gravity, which causes objects to fall to the earth; Electromagnetism, which causes magnets to attract and act on electricity; Strong force that binds atoms together; And the weak force that causes particle decay.

A new force of nature would be a great-real-real invention, even if we do not fully know what it is. This may upset the entire standard model, however further research is needed to confirm it. The findings are expected to be released in the future.

Polly described the potential impact of the findings dramatically on Wednesday.

“From the vacuum (and) from interacting with our muons we may have monsters we have never imagined,” he told a news conference on Wednesday. “It gives them a window to see.”

The researchers found no sub-pressure monstrosities from the vacuum in their studies, but found the muons moving faster than expected in their giant metal race.

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Moons are a basic particle, meaning they cannot be broken down into smaller bits. They are similar to electrons, but they are 200 times heavier and they decompose within a few milliseconds. Magnets can be used to slow down that decay, but magnets can also cause muons to rotate or shake.

The Fermilap team explored that oscillation by shooting the mounds around their magnetic ring. According to the standard model the mions should have been pushed at a predictable rate, but they did not. They shook at a speed of one per cent, which suggests that an unknown force was acting on them.

Renee Bathemi, a physicist at the University of Kentucky, said: “This is strong evidence that Muon is sensitive to something that is not in our best theory. News release.

“We think we can swim in the ocean with background particles at all times when we are not directly detected,” Polly said.

Fermilab’s inventions represent a secret power behind the scenes, but they do not declare the quality of gold to be a complete invention. Polly and her team say it will take another year or two to verify their findings, but this is not the result of a rare bloke.

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“Joining the subtle behavior of mions is a remarkable achievement that will guide the search for physics beyond the standard model for many years to come,” said Joe Licken, FermiLab’s deputy research director. “This is an exciting time for particle physics research, and Fermilap is at the forefront.”

Researchers at the Large Hadron Conflict (LHC) in Europe last month found hints of an unknown force, suggesting that the standard model should be rewritten. Scientists smashed together particles called beauty quarks. They expected the collisions to produce equal amounts of electrons and muons, but they produced 15 percent more electrons than muons.

In other words, there was something.

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According to Johns Hopkins University theoretical physicist David Kabilan, the point of both experiments is to discover that “something funny” is happening in both the particles and the empty space between them, except for the particles.

“Secrets do not live in matter. They live in something that appears to fill all of space and time. These are quantum fields,” Kaplan told the Associated Press. “We are pumping energy into the vacuum and watching it come out.”

The results of the experiments point to something that could be explained by a new particle or force that is not in the standard model, he said.

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“This is not a cheating factor,” he said. “This is something wrong.”

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