July 24, 2024

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This testimony shows the brutality of women who do not have abortions

This testimony shows the brutality of women who do not have abortions

United States – forced to live in hell because of the law. Two years ago today, on June 24, 2022, the United States received an electric shock when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the federal right to abortion was struck down. As the decision gave states full latitude to legislate in this area, about two dozen have banned or severely restricted access to abortion.

On this tragic anniversary, France 5 airs this Sunday, June 23 at 9:05 p.m. the documentary “Abortion in the Great Divide” that explores American civil society and shows the struggle of women who want to. Have an abortion. But on the front line doctors and caregivers to help them.” Religious governments » Access to abortion has disappeared. Even if it puts their lives in danger.

Report – incl HuffPost Partner-Abortion takes place in several states, such as Texas, which has one of the most restrictive laws in the country, and Colorado and Illinois, where abortion is legal. We find that pregnant women want abortions and are caught in the law, trying to get treatment in a liberal state. While they have enough money to buy it, it is far from everyone. Sometimes, they have no choice but to carry their pregnancy to term, even if they are close to death or suffering from mental distress.

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Sepsis should wait until help is available

This is the case of Elizabeth Weller as you can see Testimony in the video above the article, an exclusive extract from France 5 reports that the Houston, Texas-based resident was 18 weeks pregnant in early 2022. Her fetus was said to have almost no chance of survival, but doctors at the hospital could not touch her because of Texas law.

However, as of May 2022, the Supreme Court is yet to make its fateful decision. But another law adopted in September 2021 is already used: ” Heart rate law ” or ” SB8 », which prohibits any abortion until pulses are detected in the sixth week of pregnancy. Unless the mother is in grave danger.

Trapped, Elizabeth Weller really had no choice: to allow her pregnancy, knowing that because her fetus was alive and without amniotic fluid, she was more likely to develop a fatal infection. “ The doctor told me that the only way to get help was if I came back sick, for example if I got sepsis. “, she explained to the France 5 journalist. She was also told to wait for specific clinical signs: fever of at least 40 ° C and especially nausea bright yellow discharge, ” to vomit “.

Forced to watch the condemned child die in her arms

The symptoms finally came after days of horrible waiting with the husband. ” We hugged each other”thanks thanks” And it was a joyous moment, a celebration and it was the scariest moment of our lives » says the young woman in tears. She was finally able to abort a few days later… but only once did the fetus’s heart beat.

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In 2023, along with five other women, she sued the state of Texas to overturn the SB8 law that put her life in danger. One of them, Samantha, is seen in the documentary testifying during the trial. She had to continue the pregnancy even though her fetus was suffering from a skull defect and it had no chance of survival.

Lacking money to travel to a liberal state, she had to give birth to a baby girl who died in her arms four hours later. While narrating her testimony, the young woman gags and vomits as the shock is still strong.

Protecting access to abortion, sometimes risking the lives of caregivers

Another woman was also called to testify during this trial, but this time as a gynecologist, supporting the inhumane aspect of the law. Speaking to France 5, Tamla Curzon denounces the gray zone of the medical exception, which makes health workers afraid to intervene in care. Because the penalties for illegal abortion are very, very high: 99 years in prison, loss of the right to practice medicine and a fine of 100,000 euros.

The sword of Damocles prevents caregivers and clinics from functioning, sometimes even in dramatic cases. ” I know there are deaths and it will be a while until they come to light », assures Damla Curzon.

Although abortion is still legal in liberal states, the situation remains complicated. Because abortion clinics should suffer from the actions of rabid “pro-life” activists. This is the case of Warren Hearn, an obstetrician in Colorado. His clinic, which has already been hit by bullets, has armored windows and security planes. Her friend, Dr. George Tiller, was murdered in 2009 after several attempted murders after she performed a therapeutic abortion.

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Despite everything, Warren Hearn keeps his clinic open to help any woman from Colorado or any other state who knows her life is in danger. It’s a scene that Texan abortion opponents also want to ban today By preventing pregnant women Take the highway.

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