Thornton, Spesa make history as maple leaf journey to playoff berth

Jack Campbell did not take his position as an order.

No, we are not talking about Campbell’s position as the opening Canadian of the first Canadian division team to win the playoff berth. (Although we can be.)

No, we’re not talking about becoming the first Toronto maple leaf goldsmith to surpass Frederick Anderson’s wins in five seasons – Campbell’s record of 4-1 at the Bell Center on Wednesday, raising his record to a shiny 14 -2-1. (Although we can talk about it.)

We talk about Campbell coming to work every day, he punches the clock with icons.

“You know, you’re having a coffee with Jumbo or Space, and I’m stuck in the car after training because I’m like that, ‘” he said.Wow, Jumbo and Space are my friends.‘It’s so awesome,’ says Campbell. ’Then when you hear about the posts or milestones they meet, it’s really incredibly special. They are not only historical hockey players, they are players of the historical team. ”

Create those historical diagrams. In the latest incarnation of Shelton Keefe’s line, coach Aston Mathews describes Adam Brooks as “one or two life legends”. Those impossible trio worked hard to create an identity and sparked some great chemistry.

From the first two draft choices to the catchy role players, Joe Thornton and Jason Spessa sound like the happiest and most determined fourth-row grinders you’ll ever encounter.

One Montreal night, Spessa received two assists and climbed into a dive with Maurice Richard for the 99th highest point in NHL history (966). Incredibly, the minimum wage employee has amassed more goals (10) and points (26) by 47 games than he did in 58 games with the leaves last season. Spessa produces more at 37 than at 34.

Thornton became the senior maple leaf to score a goal in Winnipeg on Saturday. For Wednesday’s index, he recorded his 1,100th career help, joining Wayne Gretzky, Ron Francis, Mark Messier, Ray Borg, Jaromir Zagger and Paul Coffee.

Yes, he will have the buck for his collection. No, he wouldn’t worry about that.

“I haven’t seen them, but I have some. But it’s been a lot of hours to play street hockey with my brothers and pool hockey and a lot of good goal scorers. It’s been fun so far,” says Sucking Thornton, the league’s oldest forward.

Morgan adds Reilly: “He gets these achievements and it seems like he has nothing – he keeps going. We are lucky to have a guy like that. ”

The history of Thornton and Spessa make up the script for this ride, which may be the final arena of a nightmare, and those who fight with them will not be lost.

“Actually, I had one of those moments tonight,” Keefe admitted with a smile, adding that he was not overly emotional during the post-game zoom press.

“Those guys have been around each other in the offensive zone, which’s a good thing. Those guys have done a great thing. They ‘have been elite, elite players for a very long time. It’s great to have them wear for us in that role and be great leaders for us like this. They are so awesome.They are both so special, of course. Eleven hundred a lot of help. I said to Joe, ‘I don’t think I’ve touched the NHL 1,100 times in my time.’

Spesa and Thornton climb the all-time offense table with Mathews and Mitch Marner as their own scoring pillars.

With one help, Marner became the first maple leaf to record three 60-point campaigns before its 50th season.

Matthews’ highlight-reel winner gives him Year 35, and strengthens his hold on the first Rocket Richard Trophy in the leaves.

“He’s just elite. He is the elite of the elite. His release is incredible, ”says Thornton. “He’s a model power forward, and it can do it all now.”

Team history, of course, is the primary purpose.

But after 96 days in the Northern Division, a playoff position in a leaf row full of talent of all ages was never in doubt.

It feels like the first round of clashes with the same hubs has been imposed, finally, for the first time since Thornton’s birth: 1979.

There are seven games in Toronto that kick out the Kinks, heal wounds and find the lines.

In mid-May there will be plenty of time for fans to sweat and explore.

In the meantime, it’s okay to create something like Jack Campbell or Aston Mathews – enjoy a couple of legends and look around and do their thing.

“At this point in their lives they are just so excited about how excited they are about the team, about winning, and performing every night,” says Matthews.

“Witness what they have achieved – obviously, tonight is a big night for both of them.”

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