July 24, 2024

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Three people reported killed as DRC army thwarts ‘coup attempt’ |  Military news

Three people reported killed as DRC army thwarts ‘coup attempt’ | Military news

The army says the forces “led to the cradle of the coup” and its perpetrators, including foreigners, were arrested.

Three people were killed in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo after an exchange of gunfire between gunmen in military uniform and the bodyguards of a senior politician – an incident the military described as an attempted coup.

Two police officers and one of the attackers were among those killed in the shootout that began early Sunday morning.

A military spokesman in the Democratic Republic of the Congo said in a televised speech that the perpetrators of the failed takeover, including several foreigners, had been arrested.

Brigadier-General Sylvain Ekeng told reporters that the coup attempt “was nipped in the bud by the Congolese defense and security forces.” [and] “The situation is under control.” He did not give further details.

The incident came amid a crisis rocking the ruling party led by President Felix Tshisekedi regarding the parliamentary leadership elections that were supposed to be held on Saturday but were postponed.

Gunmen attacked the residence of Vital Kamerhi, a federal lawmaker and candidate for speaker of the National Assembly in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Kinshasa, but he was stopped by his guards, Michel Muto Muhima, his spokesman said on the X social media platform.

“Respect Vital Kamerhi and his family are safe and sound. Their security has been enhanced.”

Media in the Democratic Republic of the Congo identified the men as Congolese soldiers. It was not clear whether the men in military uniform were trying to arrest the politician.

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Video footage from the area appeared to show military trucks and heavily armed men walking through deserted streets in the neighborhood.

On Friday, Tshisekedi met with parliamentarians and leaders of the ruling coalition, the Holy Nation Union, in an attempt to resolve the crisis among his party, which dominates the National Assembly.

He said that he “will not hesitate to dissolve the National Assembly and send everyone to new elections if these bad practices continue.”

Tshisekedi was re-elected as president in December in a chaotic vote amid calls for a rerun from the opposition over what they said was a lack of transparency, following previous trends of disputed elections in the central African country.

The US Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo issued a security alert, urging caution after “reports of gunfire.”