Toronto, Hamilton Federal Government to spend $ 12 billion on transportation

Authorities will issue a traffic notice at 1 p.m. Federal Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna and Small Business MInister Mary Ng, and Ontario Transport Minister Carolyn Mulroney and Associate Minister Kinga Surma will speak.

You can see the announcement directly in this story.

The federal government announced Tuesday that it will spend about $ 12 billion on transportation projects in Toronto and Hamilton.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said the money will go to four existing tunnel projects, including the Ontario Line, the Scarborough, Eglinton West Grostown extension and the Yong North tunnel extension – as well as a lighter rail line that will run through Hamilton’s downtown core. .

Part of the funding will also go towards the purchase of zero-emission streetlights for DTC, which is being manufactured at Allstom’s Thunder Bay automotive plant (Allstom finalized the purchase of Bombardier transport in early 2021).

He said the “historic” agreement would create jobs by reducing traffic congestion and pollution as part of Canada’s economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

“Rapid transportation reduces travel, which gives parents more time with their children, and ensures that children have a cleaner future,” Trudeau said. “Public transportation is at the heart of a strong recovery and growing middle class.”

The Office of Prime Minister Doug Ford has urged the federal government to invest in transportation for the past two years.

“We call on the federal government to provide a fair share of at least 40 percent of the four nationally important tunnel projects for the GTA,” spokeswoman Ivana Yelich said in an email.

“In addition, we urge them to help fund a potential Hamilton LRT project.”

Projects affected by delays and controversies

Former Prime Minister Kathleen Wayne lent $ 1 billion to Hamilton in 2015 for a 14-kilometer LRT. It was repealed four years later by Ford’s government He said it was billions of dollars more than the budget. Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger and private sector partner workers International North America (LUNA) both said the province’s figures were the worst.

Earlier this year, the province upgraded a small, nine-kilometer road Renewed its billion 1 billion commitment. However, the fund continued to pay $ 1.5 billion to the federal government.

Meanwhile, tunnels in Toronto have their own rocky history.

The Scarborough Tunnel must first be replaced by a lighter rail, which will now be operational. However, the plan was abandoned by Ford’s brother, Rob Ford, when he was elected mayor of Toronto in 2010. The council approved a more expensive underground extension to connect the Northeast region with the city.

It has made several adjustments over the past decade, and now it is a three-stop extension that is expected to cost $ 6 billion – this is the price set by Metrolinks Has more than its benefits. Recently, DTC recommended closing the old tunnel in 2023 and using buses until the project is completed in 2030.

Ford’s $ 10.9 billion, 15-stop Ontario line, following his election as prime minister. It is planned to run 16 kilometers from Ontario Place to the bottom of King Street via Downtown and then north to the Ontario Science Center.

Areas of ambitious plan, No target completion date, Faced opposition from Toronto city councilors and residents. Part of the line runs above the ground, which residents say will add noise pollution and destroy tree and animal habitats.

Construction for the Eglinton Crosstown LRT began in 2011 and was delayed again in late 2022. The $ 5.2 billion project was set to open this fall.

Meanwhile, small businesses and residents have been affected. More than 100 businesses on Eclinton Avenue have been closed due to construction, CBC News Previously announced.

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