Toronto hospitals close clinics, suspend appointments due to COVID-19 vaccine shortage

The shortage of COVID-19 vaccines has forced the two major Toronto health networks to serve some of the most severely affected communities in the province or to cancel appointments for displays altogether.

The Scarborough Health Network (SHN) announced the closure of its Centennial College and Centennial Hospital clinics on Wednesday.

Dr. Lisa Solomon-Switchman, an emergency physician with SHN, said in a series of tweets that the move would cancel about 10,000 appointments over the next several days.

The hospital network says it will reopen its clinics as soon as it receives more vaccinations, contact all those who have been canceled due to the vaccination appointment being closed, and re-register appointments as soon as possible.

Clinics vaccinate Scarborough residents over 50 years of age, tribal elders and health workers. Others eligible for vaccination in closed spaces include chronic home care clients, trust leaders, and those over 18 years of age with high-risk health conditions.

Watch | Patients, front-line hospital staff battling COVID-19 in a busy Scarborough ICU:

More patients are fighting for their lives in Ontario ICUs than in the earlier stages of the disease. CBC News sees Toronto’s Scorpio go inside the Health Network. 7:34

Meanwhile, the University Health Network (UHN) has stopped registering vaccination appointments for adults aged 18 to 49 in three hotspot postcodes: M5V, M6E and M6H.

In a statement, a UHN spokesman said about 20,000 people had registered to shoot the first shot since April 12.

The spokesman said the list was “managed” and some of the signatories could be sent back to mass vaccination clinics.

UHN currently has a capacity of 10,500 shots a day, the spokesman added, but not enough to meet that criterion.

Due to supply shortages, the UHN BMO will also close its clinic in the convention center and reduce its base at the MRS center to 25 percent capacity until more is available.

Ontario has so far delivered only 73 percent of the 4,506,495 dose vaccines it received from the federal government, although the total doses came in at 400,000 yesterday.

That means nearly 1.2 million sizes were unused.

Updated figures are expected this morning.

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