Toronto Maple Leaf Rumors: Toronto Golding Options Persevered With Perfect Diligence and Inquired About Buffalo Linus Ulmark

In today’s Leaf Links, the Toronto Maple Leafs discuss their goal depth before the deadline, options available through the trade and the latest in Taylor Hall sweepstakes.

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Fridge: The leaves do their diligence in goalie options (WGR550)

In his weekly appearance on The Indicators, Elliott Friedman suggested Leaves If the news of the injury is worse than the fear with Frederick Anderson, the UFA has called on the buffalo to inquire about pending Linus Ulmarck.

I heard his name and I don’t think it could be “talk about a deal,” but Toronto, in their perseverance in trying to rank them on the web, called out to the buffalo to ask what the sabers think there [with Ullmark]. I had no idea where it was going.

Frederick Anderson has an appointment today and they hope to get a better understanding of what his situation is. If he’s out of the year or something like that, Toronto is going to talk seriously about what they should do on target. I think at least they touched the buffalo base on what their plans were with Ulmar.

“If we have to do this, will there be a way?”

Friedman at Ulmark’s potential price:

I don’t think this is a first-rounder. I think there is little value in that. Kevin Adams can always say, “You desire, let’s see what I can do from you.” It is his responsibility, he must do it. I don’t know if I see him being a first-rounder.

Today we will find out about Anderson and then we will know about it Leaves Need to get another Goldender.

Brightman LeavesTimeline Priorities:

This is the year for a trip. Five out of five, they are very good. They pushed Edmonton and Winnipeg back and played much better. I think they want to get another one forward to play with Tavares and Nylander. They suddenly wonder if they should get a goalie due to injuries. Both Campbell and Anderson are injured.

Friedman on Taylor Hall Sweepstakes:

One thing about Hall is that he has such a large hat number that even if the choppers are willing to eat some of it they will have to wait until the hat number drops. Not a lot of teams with room. I can see someone coming closer to 12th soon.

CJ: “I hope the leaves will be different on April 13th” (SN590)

Chris Johnston joined Leaves Thursday hour to discuss the team’s Goldening status, whether they are in the market for net aid, and the current state of the trading market across the league.

Carolina hurricanes are said to be moving to one of their targets: Neteljkovic or Reimer. You have some Gold tenders with expiring contracts like Buffalo Linus Ulmark and Jonathan Bernier in Detroit. [Bernier] Now out with injury.

Let’s face it: more or less, we’re not talking about anyone who’s going to grab a big topic. That’s part of the argument that it shouldn’t be done. Depending on Frederick Anderson’s situation, but you have reason to believe that Anderson will play again in a week or two or three days, you can try to get it.

If Anderson can play, you split up with him and Campbell, the worries about managing Campbell’s body are a little different, and if you have a goalie you’re more comfortable going out with him.

I think it’s fair to say that Anderson wasn’t the same goalie in his first three years in Toronto last year or this year, but I think – especially this season, the way his play was popular – it was tied to the fact that he wasn’t healthy. If he comes back healthy, you will end up with a good couple here.

Shelton asked Keefe if he felt like someone was walking a little too tight with his Golding, and he said, “Yes, I do.” I don’t think it’s hidden from me. The problem is, there is no transparent goldsmith to go into business, for which they can use their hat space and do it. If they bring anyone, you’re going to say, “Okay, but not big.”

Johnston in pre-ordering sellers against buyers:

It was darker than ever. Two weeks ago, I knew he was going to be a salesman in Nashville. Now they have six or seven wins in a row. They’ve won enough games that it’s not entirely crazy to talk to themselves about trying to make the playoffs again. Someone like Michael Granland – I think he’s a fair person to bond with Leaves – Has a one-year contract, but they can keep him.

They are going to be more sellers. Selling buffalo can be expensive. Taylor Hall trading is easy to do near April 12th – hat success is low. Every day that passes, he is, 000 100,000 cheaper, or whatever.

At some point, it’s going to reach a point where teams have to make a decision one way or another. I think Vancouver is close to being a salesperson. It’s a different market and a different year. I still think there are going to be trades, but it has not taken shape as I expected. Some teams were stubborn, won a few games, and gave their GMs a few second thoughts.

Johnston explains what leaves can do by April 12 and how committed they are to buying:

I hope the leaves will be different on April 13th – before that, but certainly the day after the deadline. I think they are still willing to trade that property. They drafted Rodion Amiro in 15th place overall – they were ready to move that selection before making a draft choice. They have no trade.

I do not recognize Amiro as a player they will necessarily move, but they are ready to move from the top edge of their future pool because they are all trying to win now when they have their players under contract. They know they have a good team and want to do it better.

Treger: Do not think that TOR is deeply concerned about goalie injuries (TSN1050)

On the DSN Overdrive, Darren Treger threw a little cold water at Frederick Anderson or Jack Campbell in consideration of the leaves following a colander based on long-term health concerns.

Based on the information available to me, they were not deeply concerned about the injury status of the two. They are bad things. They hoped he would be more on Freddie Anderson than he is now, but he is recovering. They hope he can return to the snow soon.

Does this make sense next week? I don’t know if they still have that information, but they are comfortable that he will find a solution to the remaining situation he gets. It is not believed to be a major issue or a long-term issue.

Is it the least reason to have an internal discussion about whether you want to improve your # 3 and any improvements on Michael Hutchinson? I think they are conducting those discussions. I do not believe the urgency for that is high.

Treger on active teams in the goalie market:

Who would be surprised if one of the hurricane gold tenders was used as a soldier in the trade market? I know Washington Capitals wants to add a goldmine – they want to add some experience to that place. Was Colorado set up with their small acquisition? Maybe you can add Toronto to that category, but I don’t get that feeling from the sources of the leaves based on the health status of Freddie Anderson or Jack Campbell.

LeBron: The leaves worked somewhat diligently on the web (TSN1050)

At the Leaf Lunch, Pierre LeBron gave his impression of how hastily the leaves follow the Golding options.

I think they have done their part to some extent. I had no idea it was a move they were going to make.

Would I do that if I were Kyle Dubas? No. I do not think so, how little capital they have with the cap… And Jack Campbell has proven a lot. As long as you believe Frederick Anderson will be healthy and fit, it’s not a bad one-two punch.

If they weren’t in the mood that they weren’t going to trust Anderson again this year, that’s a different question. Knowing that Jack Campbell is doing some special things until he is healthy back at one point, I do not use my salary cap ability at this point if I am in Toronto. I was looking at another area ahead.

Searching the Trade Bad List for Leaf targets (MLHS podcast)

In Episode 9 of the Hot Stove Podcast of Maple Leaves, Ian Tullock and Anthony Petrielli discussed options on the DSN Trade Bad list, matching Zack Hyman and Joe Thornton’s lineup, and the team’s Golding status (and if they want to add another option), and more.

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